Melissa A. Schultea (former Gulf Coast Section Liaison) has been promoted to Student Activities Manager at SPE headquarters in Richardson, Texas. She will oversee all SPE student chapter activities worldwide. Although she will leave our Section, with many friends who are accustomed to working with her daily or weekly, we will still be able to see her and work with her from time to time on projects involving Gulf Coast area universities. Melissa’s absence will certainly be felt and she will be missed, but we are happy and proud to see her move on to pursue more opportunities within the organization.

Sydsil A. Monroe, Melissa’s assistant, has been promoted to the role of SPE Gulf Coast Section Liaison. Syd has worked closely with Melissa for many months and will continue to build on the successful job she has done for SPE and the Section. Syd is committed to our Section’s continued success and growth, and she promises to continue working for the GCS with the same enthusiasm and commitment both she and Melissa proudly show every day.

The Gulf Coast Section wishes Melissa success in her new position with SPE and congratulates Syd on her promotion.