When registering for an event online do not be afraid of the following message:

This does *NOT* confirm registration. After clicking "Add Registrant" below, please select a payment type.

        To complete your registration, simply follow these four easy steps.

1.      Go to Calendar of Events then View Calendar.  Click on the event for which you would like to register.  At the top of the description page for the event, click on the "Register for this event" link.

2.      Fill in all your information and click on the “Add Registrant” button.

HINT:   If you are logged in, your contact information and member number is already entered for you (see previous webtips).

HINT:   Don’t forget to include your member number or the price could change.

3.      You will see a page that shows the title of the event for which you registered and the price.  Click on one of the two buttons:  “Pay at the event” or “Pay Online”.  Once you have clicked on one of these two buttons, your registration is confirmed and you will receive and email confirmation.

4.      If you choose to “Pay at the event”, you are finished.  If you choose to “Pay Online” you will then enter your credit card information and click submit.  Credit card payments receive a separate email confirmation

HINT:  Do NOT hit the back button AFTER you have submitted your credit card information or your card will be charged twice.