Please welcome several new faces to the Gulf Coast Section. Our new Section Liaison Kathy MacLennan comes to us with a varied background, including part-time teaching at the Houston Community College. Next time you are in the SPE Houston office, take a moment to say, “Hi,” and introduce yourself. Catch Kathy’s enthusiasm!

The smiling face you first see as you enter the SPE offices is Aishat Adamu-Oneal, our new administrative assistant. Aishat graduated from Lagos State University with a degree in mass communication. She worked seven years as confidential secretary to the chief executive of Petroleum Equalization Fund (Management) Board, a parastatal group of the Nigerian Ministry of Petroleum Resources. She also worked with the auditing department as an audit officer before joining her husband in the United States. Ask her anything. She’ll do her best to help in any way she can.

Please also welcome Rebecca Gallagher to the GCS board as programs chair. Rebecca is a senior marketing manager with IHS Energy and has been active with the Projects, Facilities, and Construction Study Group. Her role is to work with the many programs and technical events within the GCS and coordinate Distinguished Lecturers throughout the year. She will also work with the study groups to help