The Gulf Coast Section Web site (
and the SPE International Web site (
do not share personal profile information.

  • You have separate user names and passwords for
    each site, unless you purposely duplicate them.
  • Changes made in the profile section of one Web
    site do not transfer to the other. Each Web site
    is maintained independently. Keep your user
    profile updated in both.

The SPE GCS newsletter is mailed to the address
you provide to SPE when you renew your membership
each year. Changes of address must be filed with
SPE International.

In previous Web Tips, I told you how to log in forever
so you won’t have to enter your ID and password each
time you visit the Web site. If you had trouble doing
this, you may need to enable the “cookies” setting
on your Web browser or possibly set the security
settings lower.

If you have forgotten your password, it can be sent
to your e-mail address by clicking on the “Forgot
Your Password?” link in the log in section.
If you would like a topic addressed in future Web Tips
columns, please e-mail Syd Monroe at We’d love to hear from you!