SPE expresses its deep concern for the many lives disrupted by Hurricane Katrina and for its many members in the Gulf Coast region and elsewhere who may have been touched by this disaster. SPE has nearly 1,500 members in the affected region, and many other members are wondering how they can help. 

How to Help
Information from major disaster relief agencies indicates that financial contributions are the greatest need. Community agencies in surrounding states who have accepted many of the refugees also need food, water, bedding, clothing, baby supplies, and other items. If you live near one of the affected states, check with local relief organizations or your local newspaper for information on how you can help. 

Connect with Other Members in Need
SPE has set up an online community for Hurricane Katrina assistance to allow members to reach out to other members in need. Members who have lodging, vehicles, or other assistance to offer can post information. Members displaced by the hurricane can review that information and post their own needs on the site. SPE has established this forum as a way for SPE members to reach out to those in need. 

Accessing the Online Community 
Follow the links at www.spe.org. SPE members should use their regular login. For those who may not have their login information readily available,
SPE has set up the following login for this site: 

      username: katrina
      password: help 

When you post information, please remember to identify yourself by name and with an email address where you can be reached. SPE does not recommend including a phone number unless it is the only way you can be contacted.