Subscribing to job board updates is a great way for your users to keep up-to-date on the latest job positions of interest on your site.

  1. Go to the search page of your Job bank (
  2. Under the description of a job post of interest, view the ''Subscribe to'' category links

    Job notification category links
  3. Click on the frequency that you would like to receive updates for this category (daily, weekly, monthly)
  4. To receive notifications for additional job categories, click on the ''Add More Notifications from Job Categories'' link

    Add more job notification categories
  5.  From the dropdown menus, choose the other category and delivery frequency of interest.  Repeat as often as you like until you are signed up for all of your categories!

    Add an extra job notification
  6. To manage your notifications, click the ''My Notifications'' link and edit/delete as necessary.

    Job notification toolbar
  7. Now sit back and let the job updates come to you!