Dear Mr. Smith:

Congratulations! On behalf of the SPE Board of Directors, it is an honor for me to inform you that the Gulf Coast Section is a winner in the 2002-2003 SPE Section Membership Contest.

As a winner, the section will receive an SPE logo banner with the contest year and section name imprinted on it. The customized banner has been ordered and should be shipped to your attention within 4-6 weeks. Click here for final section contest group standings.

Your section’s name and prize will also be publicized in next month''s edition of SPE eUpdate and you can find the announcement online by linking to,2396,1104_1690_0,00.html An announcement acknowledging the winning sections will appear in the November edition of JPT, under the Section News, and a feature about the winners and upcoming section membership contests will be incorporated into the January 2004 edition of Global Link.

The contribution your section has made to the Society is important to the continued strength of SPE. We are very proud of your section’s achievement and look forward to your continued growth and participation within SPE.

If you have any questions regarding the contest or your prize, please contact Brian Wiggins, SPE Sections Manager, at 972-952-9451 or send him an e-mail at



Andrew A. Young 2003 SPE President

cc:        Mr. Ron Hinn, Director, SPE Gulf Coast North America Region

            Mr. J. Bryant Mueller, Membership Chair, SPE Gulf Coast Section