Well Done GCS!

SPE has selected the Gulf Coast Section to receive the 2008-09 SPE President’s Award for Section Excellence. This award “...recognizes sections whose efforts in membership development, member programs, technology dissemination, cooperation with other civic and professional organizations are exceptional and much more....”

How did the GCS come to be recognized?

As noted in our Annual Report, the Gulf Coast Section cannot claim to be “excellent” simply because of our membership size and geographic location. For several years, the Section has challenged itself with very high and long-range goals aimed at directly affecting our industry’s public image, improving our ability to recruit new and well-educated talent to the industry providing economical and high-quality continuing education to our membership, and publicizing SPE’s pivotal role in these endeavors.

The key accomplishments of GCS in 2008–09 were not the result of a single year’s effort. We brought to fruition projects that were initiated up to three years ago. The true excellence of GCS is in its willingness to take on such projects and its ability to accomplish them with an ever-changing, volunteer organization.

Some of our proudest achievements in 2008–09 were the result of our education initiatives, many of which began with establishment in 2006 of an Ad Hoc Education Committee to study ways that the GCS could have an impact on developing students of all levels for technical careers, and subsequently recruiting as many of those students as possible to the petroleum industry.

This honor could not have been possible without membership and company support along with the vision and cooperation of committee and study group leadership, Chair Bill Bowers and Board of Directors, Regional Director Susan Howes, and GCS supporting groups. And one person that cannot be overlooked is Past-Chair Allen Shook, who compiled the 70+ page Annual Report detailing specifics of the 2008-09 GCS year and reasons why the GCS should be considered for this award.

Until next month...

Jane Moring