International Study Group

At a minimum Houston is a major oil and gas center, while for many it is the energy capital of the world. No matter what camp you find yourself in, you must admit Houston reflects the global nature of the oil and gas industry. Many overseas-based companies maintain offices here, and in those offices are many SPE GCS members. If you work for a U.S.-based company, you may find your assignment takes you overseas on a regular basis. The SPE GCS oil and gas professional of today must be culturally aware and prepared to work in a global environment.

Such global diversity in the Gulf Coast Section begs for programming that includes a study group focused on the international segment of the oil and gas industry. Such a group, inactive for the last few years, is reforming.

The returning International Study Group, under the leadership of Philippe Mitterrand, seeks to enable “networking and sharing of experiences with engineers and managers of both natinonal oil companies and oil companies headquartered outside the United States.” The group’s mission is to “provide a forum for the Houston area SPE membership and the global oil and gas community to share information on business practices and considerations, projects, and technological applications significant to the oil and gas industry worldwide.”

I want to thank Philippe for taking on this challenge. Those wishing to become involved or recommend speakers for the group can contact him at

Where Did That Golf Tournament Donation Go?

Do you ever wonder what happens to your donations to the Golf Tournament, Tennis Tournament, or other SPE GCS events (including your advertising dollars in this newsletter an on our web site)? If you want to see your dollars make a difference to students pursuing their college degrees, join me at the Rice Hotel on May 18 for the annual SPE GCS Awards & Scholarship Banquet. These scholarship recipients have numerous accomplishments to date, and one day they may be sitting in the office next to you.

Not only will you see and meet the scholarship winners, you will have a chance to meet new Legion of Honor inductees (50-year members) along with technical and SPE service award winners. Mark Vandenburg as Master of Ceremonies is always a treat.

Until next month....