"Invite Someone to a Meeting" Month

When was the last time you invited someone to join you at an SPE Gulf Coast Section event? I’m ashamed to say, I haven’t done so either.

When I moved to Houston, it took me a long time to find my way back to SPE. I was very active with SPE Delta Section in New Orleans, but when I came to Houston, the GCS was daunting. I went from a Section with one meeting a month to a Section with ten to fifteen. Which one do I attend? What do you mean it is an hour drive to get there?

I read that 70% of people who joined a church did so because they were brought by a friend or relative. I wonder what percentage of SPE members were introduced to SPE by a coworker, friend, or relative. How did you find your way to your first GCS meeting? Did someone invite you or better yet, did they take you?

There are so many people moving in and out of Houston—from transfers to new hires. Are we actively grabbing opportunities to bring them to SPE...or bring them back to SPE? If you ask someone down the hall to join you at a meeting, you might find out he was active in another Section. What better way to make him feel welcome than to introduce him to friends and acquaintances at a study group—a little “vintage social networking.” If he isn’t already a member, what better way to introduce them to the benefits of SPE!

Don’t limit yourself to just your coworkers. Have you considered SPE meetings as a tool to help your spouse or son or daughter or parent understand what you do? If we bring our daughters to work, then why can’t we bring them to an SPE event? I took my mother to ATCE one year where she learned more about the industry than I had taught her in 30 years.

For those who haven’t found a study group home, I’m inviting you. Call me or any of the GCS leadership listed in the back of this newsletter, and we’ll put you in touch with a study group that fits your interests or give you an SPE contact in your office that will help you find one. Study groups can bring unanticipated benefits such as meeting someone you didn’t know you needed to meet or finding others who share your hobbies or interests. Synergies and serendipities happen.

I’m declaring March, “Invite Someone to a Meeting” Month. Let each of us commit to inviting someone new to join us.

Until next month....