Time for a Change?

Bill Bowers

by Bill Bowers, Exterran
2008-2009 SPE GCS Chairman


We have all recently witnessed the power of change on the national political scene. While we can debate endlessly whether the coming changes will be for better or worse, there is no doubt that people can be energized by change. We also know that people often do not like change that affects things they are comfortable with and already support as-is.

SPE Gulf Coast Section’s leadership is guided by a Strategic Plan, established in 2005, designed to be a roadmap for the future of the section and to guide policies and decision making. The Strategic plan reaffirms the Mission of the Gulf Coast Section as defined in our bylaws, and directs the section to focus its efforts on a number of general topics. The Strategic plan calls for a 3-Year Plan (formerly described as the Long Range Plan) outlining specific action items and initiatives that are shaped by the Strategic Plan.

The complete SPE-GCS Strategic plan can be found at www.spegcs.org/About SPE-GCS/Governance.

A New Plan is Needed

The 3-Year Plan currently in place was established in 2004 for the years 2004-2007. Most of the initiatives of the 2004 3-Year Plan have been accomplished or are well in progress. The section is overdue for a new 3-Year Plan, and the Executive Committee of SPE-GCS has established a Long Range Planning committee of SPE-GCS members to accomplish this important task. The committee members, their company affiliations, and roles on the committee are:

  • Jane Moring, ExxonMobil - Chair
  • Larry Foster, Schlumberger - Vice-Chair
  • Basil Allum, Chevron - Member
  • Bill Bowers, Exterran - Member
  • Roger Knight, Krescent Energy - Member
  • Skip Koshak, Shell - Member
  • Karen Olsen, BP - Member

The LRP committee is tasked with reviewing implementation of initiatives outlined in the 2004 3-Year Plan and making recommendation for initiatives to be included in the 2009-2011 Plan. The new Plan will continue to be guided by and aligned with the 2005 Strategic Plan.

The expected benefits of the new plan include:

  • Identification of focused, Board of Directors endorsed initiatives
  • Updated guidance for Study Groups and Committees
  • More efficient Board of Directors meetings



The LRP Committee has adopted a schedule as follows:

  • Review historical materials - December 2008
  • Data Gathering - January 2009
  • Complete 2004-07 Plan review - February 2009
  • First pass 2009-11 initiatives - March 2009
  • Second pass initiatives - April 2009
  • 2009-11 recommendations - May 2009
  • Presentation to Board - June 2009

Progress will be reported at each monthly Board meeting and posted in the meeting minutes to spegcs.org. There will be a mid project review at the March Board meeting, and final review and Board vote will take place at the June meeting.

Your Input is also Needed

It is important that the new 3-Year Plan incorporates changes that SPE-GCS membership wants, while not changing established and well-appreciated initiatives of the section. To that end, we ask each of you to communicate with the members of the LRP Committee to voice your opinions and suggestions on new initiatives to be pursued over the coming years, as well as which established initiatives should continue to be supported.

Bill Bowers