The Value of Your Membership


How valuable is your SPE membership to you?

Your continued membership conveys the message that you find value in being a member of SPE. What SPE opportunities are more valuable than others? Are there ways you could increase the value that you receive from SPE?

Are you gaining value by increasing your technical knowledge?

The primary mission of SPE is technology transfer, accomplished through avenues that include meetings, conferences, seminars, short courses, journals, newsletters, technical interest groups, and One Petro, the multisociety library of on-line technical papers. The Gulf Coast Section (GCS) held more than 100 meetings this year covering a wide range of subjects. New podcasts of popular events have been posted on on our web site, Did you find value in these offerings?

Are you gaining value through opportunities to make a difference in the areas of education and the community?

We hear time and time again about the technical staffing needs of the future and the importance of efforts to bring bright young minds into the fields of science and technology. GCS opportunities have included working with middle school and elementary teachers, awarding scholarships, endowing a professorship, supplying SPE Oil and Natural Gas books to schools, judging science fair entries, recruiting at high school recruiting fairs, speaking to groups with the SPE Magic Suitcases; the list goes on and on. Did you find value participating in our educational initiatives? Opportunities for giving back to the community are also abundant—Red Cross Ready when Time Comes, serving meals at the Thanksgiving Superfeast, building bikes at Christmas, building a wheelchair ramp with Rebuilding Together—Houston, and so many more. Did you find value in these efforts?

How valuable are the networking opportunities?

Meetings, social events, working with others on committees are all social networking opportunities. Do you now have a new valued contact or friend whom you met through SPE events?

Are you gaining value for your company?

Technical training, leadership skills development, networking are all stepping stones to success. Did you have an opportunity to work with the Young Professionals group to learn more about your new coworkers? Did you recognize someone in your company by nominating them for an international or regional award?

Are you giving value back to SPE?

With opportunity comes obligation. Your attendance, dedication, and hard work are what make the GCS a success. Thank you to all employers for giving value back to SPE by allowing employee involvement.

In a few weeks, I will be turning over my responsibilities to our new Chair, Mark Peavy of Kinder Morgan. This summer, Mark and new GCS leadership will evaluate ways to add value to the SPE GCS. Think about the value you receive from SPE and where you could gain more—then let them know.

Until our paths cross again....