The New Year is a time for fresh starts, clean slates, reflections of the past year,and goal setting. I want to pass along some wise advice from an old mentor on how to set goals. There are five steps: One, make a commitment. One person with a commitment can generate interest to more than 100 people. Plus, keeping good detailed records counts for accountability. It’s been said that 95% of the folks who have great concepts fail because they lack the capability and even willpower to follow through. Two, build your life on a solid character foundation. If you build a strong character base, you’ll never fall to the basement. Remember, character is what you do in the dark. Integrity and character built over the years may be lost in a moment, so be careful. Know that he who guards his lips, guards his life, but he who speaks rashly will come to ruin. Three, break your goals into small steps. Do things in segments, one step at a time. It’s been said that the key to marriage is the little things you do every day. Let go of the past, live in today, plan for tomorrow. Four, shape up mentally, spiritually, and physically. Utilize your spare time. Know that your energy level is important in what you do. Motivation and the ability to encourage others are important. Listen to audio CD’s that you find exciting, you may hear things that you’ve never heard before, and learn to become an inspiration to others. We need to be prepared to change as we grow older. Remember when things happen, we need to be able to adjust our course and be a team player. We are all on the same side. Find time to exercise. Five, see things in your own mind when you reach for your goals. It’s been said that if you don’t see it, before you see it, you’ll never see it. I want to encourage everyone to develop a detailed set of goals for the 2011 year and share them with someone. Thank you for the words, Zig. 

My main goals for the GCS for 2010-11 are to: (1) to increase our level of dissemination of technical information, (2) to improve the level of financial controls within the section, and (3) to work more closely with SPEI. As I reflect upon our section’s activities, I am humbled to work with members who are implementing webinar programming, restarting the new International study group, study groups that are working towards expanding their reach by hosting workshops, and great study group speakers who graciously share their knowledge. Our Treasury is working on fiscal governance improvements using LiveLink software that will provide real time financial information and attendance metrics for all study groups and events. Lastly, a group within the SPE GCS BOD have met with SPEI representatives to work towards the alignment of technical programming for our section members between SPEI and the GCS. I have spoken with section leaders of the Denver , Delta, Moscow, and Dallas sections who would like to do ‘something’ together. Such things as collaboration with programming, webinars, or community service projects come to mind. Fellow board of director’s have also spoken to Houston area representative of professional societies who would also like to do ‘something’. Not sure what that ‘something’ is going to be to date, but I do believe that we will form a collaboration within the months ahead. 

On a final note, please consider talking to your significant other in regards to joining the Gulf Coast Section Auxiliary. This group will be redefining themselves in the months ahead to improve their alignment with the Gulf Coast section. At $29/year membership, it’s a great bargain that will open doors and will result in building lifelong relationships within the oil industry for years to come.