Awards and Nominations

GCS membership and especially the leadership of our committees, study groups, and board, I challenge you. I challenge you to recognize those who have been leaders in technology and service to SPE in the energy capital of the world by placing them in nomination for SPE regional and international awards and/or Distinguished Lecturer.

The Nominations Committee led by GCS Past Chair Bill Bowers will collect nominations for international and regional awards this month. Any member can nominate a deserving candidate either through the Nominations Committee or directly to SPE. Details on awards and how to submit a nomination can be found on pp. 3–4 in this newsletter and at Deadlines are February 1 for Distinguished Lecturers and February 15 for the special awards.

Study Groups - You are the forefront for GCS technology dissemination. Your speakers and your attendees include leaders in technology, and many in your ranks have been long term significant contributors to SPE activities. Some of your speakers would be excellent Distinguished Lecturers. My challenge is to have one nomination from each study group.

Committees - How many in your ranks have been significant SPE contributors? My challenge is at least one nomination from each Coordinator's group of committees.

Officers and Directors - You have had a bird’s eye view of the study groups, committees, and international organization for an extended period. I challenge you as a group to submit two nominations to the Nominations Committee.

General Membership - I challenge you as a group to submit a nomination for each of the awards as well as one Distinguished Lecturer.

Hesitant? Don’t know how? Afraid the paperwork will be daunting? It’s not difficult. If the nominee has a resume, you have much of the needed information already done. The Nominating Committee is here to help, and has detailed, easy-to-follow instructions.

Don’t want to forward a nomination to the Nominating Committee? Then you can nominate someone yourself directly at

Nominee not an SPE member? Some of the technical awards do not require SPE membership, but what a great opportunity to share with them the benefits of being an SPE member.

Are you ready to take on the challenge? If so, more detailed information on Distinguished Lecturer nominations can be found on p. 4 and awards nominations on p. 5. Although the award deadline is February 15, if you plan to nominate through the Nominations Committee, please forward your recommendations well in advance of the deadline.

I look forward to seeing the many nominations coming from the GCS.

Until next month....