Lessons from Geese

Each member of the SPE GCS is important and has an impact on the Section. This month, I’m passing on “Lessons from Geese” as a reminder of what we can do when we work together (attributed to Robert McNeish, former Associate Superintendent of Baltimore Public Schools, 1972, as well as speech given by Angeles Arrien at the 1991 Organizational Development Network and based on the work of Milton Olson).

Lesson 1: Fly Together
A group of geese flying together in perfect V formation is a marvelous sight. Research has shown that as each goose flaps its wings an intense uplift is created for the birds behind them. Further studies state that this teamwork adds 71% more flying range compared to a goose flying on its own.

SPE GCS members share a common mission and focus. Our structure and teams of volunteers make accomplishing our mission possible.

Lesson 2: Stay in formation
If you’ve ever watched geese fly, you’ve likely seen one fall out of formation. It quickly moves back into formation to take advantage of the lifting power of the bird immediately in front of it.

Synergies happen in each committee and study group.

Lesson 3: Rotate
While flying in V formation the lead goose eventually tires and rotates to the back of the pack to recover while another goose takes its place at the front.

The GCS has term limits on its leadership to make sure there are always fresh ideas and bodies to carry us forward. New volunteers are always welcome and essential for our future.

Lesson 4: Honk
Geese are a noisy bunch when flying in V formation—to encourage each other and to communicate where each goose is. Open and honest communication is critical for the success of the Section.

We should share our successes, failures, and ideas.

Lesson 5: Leave No Goose Behind
Whenever a goose becomes unable to fly (sick, wounded, or shot down) two geese fall out of formation and stay with their fallen comrade until the impaired goose is able to fly or dies.

Every GCS member is important.We attempt to contact every one that falls off our membership list.

Until next month....