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Distinguished Lecturer: Mike Eberhard - Multiple Pay Tight Gas Sands, Can the Lessons Learned in the Rockies Help You?

Mike Eberhard has been with Halliburton for more than 26 years. He has spent his entire career in pumping services including cementing, acidizing, and hydraulic fracturing. He has worked in the Williston Basin, Bakersfield, CA., Brighton, CO. and lastly Denver, CO. During this time, he held various engineering and technical sales positions. In 1996 he transferred to Denver as part of the Halliburton “Tech Team.” The main charge of the Tech Team is working with operators toward drilling and completion optimization. Currently, Eberhard is the Technical Manager for Halliburton’s Rocky Mountain Area. He is a graduate of Montana State University with a BS degree in mechanical engineering, and is a registered professional engineer. He is the past Section Chairman for the Denver Section of SPE, and has helped manage several technical meetings and ATWs. He is author or co-author of …

Anthony Martin - Distinguished Lecturer - Hydraulic Fracturing Technologies for Mature O&G Formations

"Northside: Distinguished Lecturer - Hydraulic Fracturing Technologies for Mature O&G Formations" Hydraulic fracturing has been described as one of the three most significant technologies to be developed in the upstream oil and gas industry in the last 50 years (the other two being 3D seismic and horizontal wells). However, the traditional approach to hydraulic fracturing has been that it is a technology best applied to new wells, drilled into low permeability formations. It is true that fracturing has been highly successful in this environment - but it is also true that fracturing can be both technically and economically successful in a very wide range of reservoirs, including depleted, oil and gas assets. Various strategies such as skin bypass fracturing, batch fracturing, screenless frac-packs, coiled tubing fracturing and neutral density proppant fracturing can be combined with complimentary techniques for zonal isolation, …

Magic Suitcase

The Magic Suitcase is a set of hands-on presentation materials, both audiovisual and physical demonstrations, that allow our members to convey an understanding of what we do in the oil and gas industry. These presentations teach science and engineering concepts to a wide variety of audiences, covering topics that span all segments of the oil and gas industry.

Assessment of Forecast Uncertainty in Mature Reservoirs

Subscribe to the video podcast The 2007–08 SPE Distinguished Lecturer Program emphasizes current industry trends, challenges, and technology. Jorge Landa has been chosen as one of the Distinguished Lecturers for this program year.  Jorge Landa is a senior adviser in reservoir engineering with Chevron Energy Technology. His work experience before joining Chevron includes 15 years with Halliburton. Landa earned MS and PhD degrees in petroleum engineering from Stanford University and a mechanical engineering degree from Universidad de Buenos Aires. He has written 14 papers in the areas of history matching, uncertainty assessment, well testing and data integration in reservoir characterization. Facing the current challenge of oil industry, modern and efficient reservoir management is necessary. Making the right decision of reservoir development utilizing all available data in a timely manner is the key of successful operation. For mature reservoirs, this requires high …

Ronald Harrell - Distinguished Lecturer Series - Podcast

PETROLEUM RESERVES ESTIMATES - WHERE WE HAVE BEEN, WHERE WE ARE, AND WHERE WE APPEAR TO BE HEADED. Global events from Baghdad to Beijing and from The Hague to Houston over the recent past have ignited worldwide interest on oil and gas reserves. This renewed, expanded attention has clearly illustrated that the term “reserves” is widely misunderstood and abused – sometimes by individuals and/or organizations that should know better. This presentation clarifies what the term “oil and gas reserves”

Innovation in the Oil Field -- YOU can do it! - Podcast Video

Innovation in the Oil Field -- YOU can do it! - Podcast