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Then and Now - October 2008

October 1958 Oilfield hands continue to reflect on the industry’s worst blowout in history near High Island, where for a time all wells tied to the platform went wild as a result of the explosion damaging all of the closely spaced wellheads. $ Venezuelan oil attaché Eduardo Acosta tells an SEG convention that his country is striving to meet its obligations to establish greater reserves for the defense of the western hemisphere. (And Oh by the way, Venezuelan oil is really domestic oil and should be given preferential treatment in any U.S. oil import control program.) $ Speaking of countries that are looking after the U.S.’ best interests, Libya is reportedly close to delineating its first oilfield, thanks to the efforts of a U.S.-based operator consortium. $ The Engineers Joint Council reports that all 1958 engineering graduates had jobs or …

2008–09 Young Professionals Board

The membership committee is proud to announce the selection of the following 16 individuals, who were selected from a group of very strong candidates. Young Professionals constitute 20% of the Gulf Coast Section, making the actions of the upcoming board more important than ever. Amber Abel, ExxonMobil Production Chris Belcher, Baker Hughes Christopher Buterbaugh, Chevron Ryan Ezell, Halliburton Bukola Fagbemi, BP Sean Fitzgerald, Shell Evan Graybill, Chevron Craig Lacy, ExxonMobil Production Brandon Lauderdale, GrantPrideco Valerie Martone, BHP Billiton Suzanne Murphy, Chevron Sue Park, Chevron Kristal Pena, Oxy Permian Ltd. Anupam Tagore, AMEC Slavko Tosic, Noble Energy Inc. Omar Ullah, El Paso Corp.

Then and Now - April 2008

April 1958 Two MIT professors announce the development of the “thermoelectron engine”, a device that coverts heat generated by any type of fuel into electrical energy. Thermal efficiencies of 30% are expected.  Like to guess at Royal Dutch Shell’s net income for 1957? Would you believe a paltry $600 million? Conoco reports the development of a seismic method that involves pounding the earth with a vibrating device to create sound waves that are sent through the earth’s strata. “Vibroseis”, as they call it, will reportedly eliminate the need for drilling shot-holes and firing explosives. LPG marketers announce plans to begin mixing ethane into their commercially marketed butane in extremely cold weather areas. The ethane enhances the volatility of the butane far better than does propane. (Not expected to be marketed in Houston.) East Texas crude oil - $3.25/bbl; U.S. active …

2008–09 SPE GCS Board Positions Selected

The SPE Gulf Coast Section board of directors approved the following slate of officers and directors as nominations for 2008–09 at the December board meeting. According to SPE GCS bylaws (see Governance under About SPE GCS on, this slate will stand as elected unless an alternative candidate is put forth by February 15. If a petition for an alternative candidate is signed by 100 active SPE GCS members, an election will be held at a meeting in May with at least 50 active SPE GCS members present. Other 2008–09 open board positions will be appointed by the incoming section chair. The slate was recommended by the Nominating Committee which received guidance from the Succession Planning Committee. Nominating Committee Roger Hite, Immediate Past Chair Jane Moring, Secretary Mark Peavy, Vice Treasurer Claude Thorp, Membership Succession Planning Committee Roger Hite, Immediate …

Then and Now - January 2008

January 1958 Midcontinent refiners register concern over reports that foreign oil is being moved up the Mississippi River by barge to be refined in Memphis. Superior Oil Co. management reports receiving a contract to sell 10,000 bbl/day of its Lake Maracaibo crude to customers in the United States. Richfield develops a punch card database for all of its California wells, thus moving to the next level in data retrieval. (OK. How many of you can remember doing your programming with punch cards? Remember, it was back during the "fountain pen" era.) Who will be the oil legislation "movers and shakers" in the 1958 Congress? Would you believe Senator J.W. Fulbright, author of the gas bill and chairman of the senate banking committee, and Representative Wilbur Mills, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. Both come from the state of …

Young Professionals Gulf Coast Section Paper Contest

The SPE Gulf Coast Section Young Professionals Committee invites all engineers with 0-10 years experience to submit their abstract for the1st Annual Young Professionals Paper Contest.