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62% Pass 2007 Petroleum PE Exam

Nationwide, 62% of petroleum engineers taking the professional engineer exam passed the test. Firsttime test takers succeeded with a pass rate of 70%. NCEES and the state engineering boards released the 2007 professional engineering exam results in March. The estimated pass rates of a few other engineering disciplines were: Agricultural 67% Chemical 66% Civil 58% Control Systems 70% Electrical 62% Environmental 69% Fire Protection 49% Industrial 55% Mechanical 55% Metallurgical 50% Mining 60% Petroleum 62% Structural 42% The petroleum engineering pass rates in 2006 for selected states: Alaska 100% California 0% Colorado 0% Louisiana 33% New Mexico 100% Oklahoma 67% Texas 74% Wyoming 100% What are the requirements to take the petroleum PE exam? Today, most states require that you have An engineering, math or science degree Passed the fundamentals, or Engineer-In-Training (EIT) Exam At least four years of professional …