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Then and Now - December 2007

December 1957 If you are inquisitive, sleuthful, determined, sneaky, can keep a secret, have the gift of gab, and coincidentally expensive tastes, what might your career path be in today’s E&P organization? That’s right…a landman. Things were not always quite so lucrative for their predecessor…the lease broker. Witness the following testimonial from a South Texas lease broker circa 1957. “Starting out with $1,000, which I saved from my former work during the First World War, I built it up after 38 years to about $1,000. A farm bought primarily for the mineral gamble and a few mineral or royalty interests that pay anywhere from 1 cent to as much as $20 per month, cost me $1,000 total. So there you have my balance sheet after 38 years as a lease broker. Maybe some day I will get my money back.” …