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Then & Now - March 2013

March 1998 Pemex continues to drop reserve estimates, this time for their southern region, dropping the total from last year’s 11.862 billion boe to 11.056 billion boe. (There goes the peso again!) $$ Shell and Unocal resolve the lawsuit filed by Shell regarding protection of proprietary E&P data that could be potentially transferred to Unocal by a number of former Shell employees hired by Unocal. $$ As the turn of the century approaches, an international research firm reports the results of an operator poll ranking foreign countries in the following order as to their favorable status for new E&P ventures: U.K., Australia, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Algeria, Venezuela, Argentina, Egypt, and Azerbaijan. $$ The U.A.E. bans all oil-related barge traffic in their territorial waters and ports after a smuggler’s barge sinks trying to smuggle Iraqi oil through the Persian Gulf. The …

SPE-GCS Newsletter July 2012

July 2012 Events and Newsletter for Society of Petroleum Engineers - Gulf Coast Section based in Houston, TX. Upcoming SPEI training, Young Professionals activities and Study Group activities.

SPE-GCS Newsletter June 2012

Untitled Document   SPE-GCS e-Newsletter Sponsored by: GeoSteering, specialists in geosteering with LWD (from GR to Quad-Combo). Our US experience includes the Eagle Ford, Granite Wash, Woodbine, Permian, Bakken & Three Forks, Niobrara, Haynesville, Barnett & Woodford. Overseas, our main operations are in the Middle East, Latin America, Europe, China & Africa. June Events Young Professionals Board Meeting Day: Tuesday 5-Jun-12 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM Location: Hess Corporation 1501 McKinney Street Houston, TX 77010 Summary:  Interested in finding out more about the SPE Young Professionals Committee? If so, we invite you to attend our monthly board meetings! Register Mapquest | Add to Calendar 2012 Sporting Clays Tournament Day: Friday 8-Jun-12 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM Location: Rio Brazos Hunting Preserve 4430 Guyler Road Simonton (Wallis), Texas 77485 Mapquest | Add to Calendar SPE GCS Board of Directors Meeting Day: Thursday 14-Jun-12 …

SPE-GCS May 2012 eNewsletter

SPE-GCS May 2012 eNewsletter with Upcoming Events and News.

SPE-GCS April 2012 eNewsletter

SPE-GCS April 2012 eNewsletter with Upcoming Events and News.

Then & Now April 2012

Extended-reach litmus test is on the horizon, as Benton Oil & Gas receives California state approval to drill as far out as 3.5 miles.

Then & Now May 2012

  May 1919 The oilfields of North and West Texas will soon have YMCA accommodations similar to those in the army cantonments, according to the State Secretary of the YMCA. The plan calls for huts to be set up in the oilfields for the convenience and recreation of workers employed in those areas. $$ One of the hottest-selling business machines in oilfield offices is the mimeograph duplicator. (Boomers remember.) $$ Spindle Top has its first deep sand producer after 19 years of more or less deep drilling. Gulf Oil’s McFadden #1 came in flowing 250 bbl/day from a depth of approximately 3,000 ft. Most of Spindle Top’s production has come from depths of 700 to 1,000 ft. $$ One of the reported biggest logistical needs in the oilfields is paved highways, as dirt roads are not conducive for hauling heavy …

SPE-GCS March 2012 eNewsletter

March 2012 events and news for the Society of Petroleum Engineers Gulf Coast Section based in Houston, TX.

Then and Now - March 2012

March 1972 Colonel Qadhafi issues severe tongue-lashing to Soviets for failing to provide technical aid following Libya’s nationalization of BP’s oil concession.   $$ Libyan Premier Jallud’s request for such aid has fallen on deaf ears.   $$ Crude oil imports hit a record volume of 2,541,000 bbl/d.   $$ U.S. active rig count – 1,055   March 1987 Oklahoma Senator Don Nickles (No, not Don Rickles) presses for a $0.30/bbl tax on imported crude oil in order to finance an additional 2 million bbl/yr for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.    $$ Conoco begins construction of the world’s first tension leg well platform, to be set on Green Canyon Block 184 offshore Louisiana.    $$ Baker International rejects a merger proposal Hughes Tool Company claims would avoid Justice Department consent decree provisions.    $$ Nymex President Rosemary McFadden predicts that natural gas futures will begin trading …

SPEGCS: February 2012 eNewsletter

February 2012 events, scholarship notices, articles and news for the Gulf Coast Section of SPE. Stay up to date on volunteer and continuing education learning opportunities with your colleagues.