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Scholarship/Internship Program

The SPE GCS board voted at the March 2006 meeting to increase support of the scholarship program from $75,000 this year to $110,000 for the next program year. The Scholarship/Internship Committee would like to thank every SPE member who participates in an SPE GCS coordinated event during the year. It is your participation in these activities that largely funds this important program. When SPE GCS members were surveyed about how money should be spent as part of the development of our strategic plan, the majority agreed that the highest priority is to fund scholarships to college students to study engineering. Come meet these students, and see how well your money is being invested. The Scholarship/Internship Committee is working to place each of the first-time scholarship winners in local internships during the summer between high school graduation and the freshman year …

Mentorship Opportunities/Seeking Internship Sponsors

Mentorship Opportunities We are seeking role models to provide one-to-one mentoring for SPE GCS scholarship recipients. This professional relationship could provide a positive influence in the life of a young adult and serve as support through his or her college experience. The goals of this mentoring program are to 􀁺 Keep our scholarship recipients interested in the energy industry 􀁺 Motivate them to become highly active SPE members after graduation. Because of location logistics, the primary methods of contact would be e-mail and phone. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact Karla Guajardo at or (713) 366-5286. Seeking Internship Sponsors Would your company be interested in providing internships for college bound SPE GCS scholarship recipients? Most of the students have decided to major in petroleum engineering and would gain tremendously from exposure to the industry before …

5th Annual Roughneck Camp

The Roughneck Camp offers a unique opportunity for networking with the next generation of petroleum professionals. The purpose of the Roughneck Camp is to bring “new” technical professionals (new graduates, summer interns, and those with less than 5 years of industry experience) together for an afternoon of networking, professional development, and fun while also providing an introduction to SPE and its programs and benefits. The Emerging Leaders Program anticipates approximately 100 participants at the 2006 camp. More information on registering and programs will be available online at and in next month’s newsletter. Contact: Cory Christofferson

From the Chair - Thank You

The next time you see SPE volunteers, tell them “thank you.” Thank them for their tireless efforts to keep this professional organization running.

Then and Now - May 2006

May 1996 Rogue OPEC member Venezuela not only continues to break quota by the largest margin, but it now proposes a “new world oil map” in which it would discontinue marketing to Asia and concentrate almost exclusively on marketing to the Americas. (Yeah, let’s narrow the exporters’ markets and see what that does to prices!)  A former Shell environmental troubleshooter turned whistleblower heaps more hot coals on Royal Dutch/Shell over the operator’s purported widespread pollution in Nigeria. At long last, an agreement is reached between Iraq and the United Nations for the exchange of oil for humanitarian relief. Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole claims that this is tantamount to extending Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship. After finally getting President Clinton to sign off on it, the Department of Energy is having trouble selling sour crude from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Light sweet …

SPE Gulf Coast Section 6th Annual Sporting Clays Tournament June 9, 2006

On behalf of the officers and committee members of the 2006 Society of Petroleum Engineers Gulf Coast Section Sporting Clays Tournament, it is our pleasure to announce the 6th Annual event on June 9, 2006. Prior to detailing this year’s tournament, we would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for making last year’s tournament an overwhelming success.


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR REGISTRATION COMMITTEE AT THE 2006 OTC May 1-4, 2006 The Committee''s primary function is to monitor the registration effort and provide information and assistance to meeting registrants.  OTC staffing will do the actual badge preparation, money collection and accounting while volunteer Registration Committee members are most instrumental in getting the attendees properly oriented to the registration procedures.  Ten (10) people are needed for each one-half day period.  Specifically, each committee volunteer is asked to do the following: 1.         Attend a brief committee meeting on Thursday, April 27, at 10:00 a.m. at the Reliant Center before OTC to go over the responsibilities and become familiar with the registration procedures and the physical lay-out. 2.         Due to increased security it is important that all volunteers have their badges prior to the first day of OTC.  The badges should …


SPE will be exhibiting at OTC.06 Offshore Technology Conference) scheduled in Houston at Reliant Center 1-4 May. We are offering members the opportunity to volunteer to work in two-hour increments in the SPE booth during this event.   Volunteering in the SPE exhibit booth is a rewarding experience which gives you the opportunity to:   *Meet and interact with other SPE members and nonmembers *Network with oil and gas professionals *Learn about new programs and services available through SPE    Our goal is to recruit a member volunteer for each of the following time slots.   MONDAY, 1 MAY                                         TUESDAY, 2 MAY 0900 - 1100 hours                                  0900 - 1100 hours 1100 - 1300 hours                                  1100 - 1300 hours 1300 - 1500 hours                                  1300 - 1500 hours 1500 - 1700 hours                                  1500 - 1700 hours Show closes @ 1730 hours                       Show …

Then and Now - April 2006

April 1956   A crafty operator comes up with an “Enronian” approach (Yes, I coined it.) for minimizing “dry holes.” In this company''s annual report they state that “Of 507 wells drilled, 337 have been producers, 101 test holes, and 69 geological exploration holes.” Not a “dry hole” in the lot. The Russians utilize a somewhat different strategy for minimizing “dry holes.” An escaped geologist reports that behind the Iron Curtain it is a criminal offense to drill a dry hole, and the geologist that drills one is apt to end up in Siberia . (I would certainly never support such harsh treatment of geologists…but lawyers that try frivolous law suits, maybe!)  The world''s deepest oil well delivers its first barrel of oil from a record-breaking depth of 21,443 ft near Port Sulphur, Louisiana. To get that first barrel of …

Kathy MacLennan joins SPEGCS

Kathy MacLennan joined us on March 6, 2006 as the new Gulf Coast Section Liaison.  Kathy has been a Houston resident since 1978, and her background includes college and public school instruction as well as administration for nineteen years.  Kathy received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology in 1983 from the University of Houston and her Master of Administration degree in 1994 from Sam Houston State University.  She has one daughter, Heather, and four cats, and lives in the northwest Houston area.  Kathy is very excited to be joining our SPE family!