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SPE-GCS e-Newsletter November 2007

Crowley Maritime Corporation Providing solutions to energy exploration and production challenges with ocean towing and transportation, upstream logistics, shorebase services, marine engineering, offshore construction support, ESQA and more. Visit Calendar Events for November 2007 Texas Tech University Petroleum Engineering Reception Sponsor: Texas Tech University College of Engineering Speaker's Names: Michael Williams Chairman TX Railroad Commission Days: Th 1-Nov-07 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM CST Location: Petroleum Club, 800 Bell St, #4300 Houston TX 77002 USA Summary: As one of the largest petroleum engineering programs in the nation, Texas Tech University College of Engineering will share its vision to address the oil and gas industry’s manpower and workforce demands. While this is not a fundraising event, the need for private support will be addressed... Google Maps | Add to Calendar 2007 High School Recruiting: Opportunities For The Future Sponsor: SPE-GCS …

Then and Now - November 2007

November 1957 After an average 5.9% raise, annual salaries for all U.S. engineering disciplines now range between $5,400 and $13,100. (Annual salaries have increased 10-20 fold, but the annual raises have remained about the same.) Keeping with statistics, the average service station (Remember them?) in 1956-57 generated $89,265 in revenue, and the average service station operator earned $6,606 per annum. Not content to have their Sputnik satellite sailing over our heads, the Russians now claim to have developed a superfuel not based on oil. (I’m guessing it's vodka related.) Navy threatens to sue the state of California, city of Long Beach, and private oil men over the subsidence damages to the Long Beach naval base resulting from oil withdrawals. They cite as a precedent the successful Goose Creek (near Galveston) subsidence law suit. East Texas crude oil - $3.25/bbl; U.S. …

Then and Now - October 2007

October 1957 How big are oil tankers getting these days? Bethlehem Steel is building a supertanker for Onassis Interests (Remember… Jackie’s second husband?) that will be larger in total tonnage than the entire 132-ship Spanish Armada. Studebaker-Packard reports plans to enter the economy car market by introducing the German-built “Gogomobile”, which will get 38 to 48 miles per gallon out of a 17 hp rear-mounted, two-stroke engine. (My riding mower has more hp than that!) Russia puts the first unmanned space satellite (Sputnik) into orbit. (How many of you baby boomers can remember where you were when that announcement was made?) The first successful oil producing well on the Alaskan Kenai Peninsula is completed by Richfield (Remember them…the “R” in ARCO?) East Texas crude oil - $3.25/bbl; U.S. active rig count – 2,488 October 1982 The U.S.S.R. reports a record …

SPE GCS Outstanding Section for 2007

Congratulations! For the ninth year in a row, the Gulf Coast Section was selected to receive the SPE President’s Award for Section Excellence. This prestigious award recognizes SPE sections whose efforts in member programs, technology dissemination, cooperation with other civic and professional organizations are exceptional and much more. The award will be presented at the President’s Luncheon that will be held at the Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) on Wednesday, 14 November

Then and Now - September 2007

September 1957 Washington becomes the 32nd oil-producing state with its first commercial oil producer, the Medina #1 in Grays Harbor County on the Pacific coastline. $ Prognosticators predict that one day in the 21st century, every major city in the U.S. will have a petroleum products pipeline system bringing petroleum products to its terminal from a main products artery or refining center. $ What’s the latest shiny gas-guzzler to appear in the new-car showrooms? The answer is the Edsel. OK…How