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SPE-GCS e-Newsletter September 2007

SPE-GCS e-Newsletter Sponsored by: Hexion Hexion’s Patented XRT Ceramax Resin Coated Proppants Offer: Highest Fracture Flow Capacity in the Industry, Proppant Flowback Control for Extreme Conditions and Superior Cyclic Stress Resistance and Temperature Stability for Long Pump Times Calendar Events for September 2007 EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR PETRO TECHS INCREASING Sponsor: Petro Tech Study Group Speaker's Names: Jeanne Perdue and Patty Davis, Editor and Account Manager Upstream Technology Mag and Petro Skills Days: Tu 11-Sept-07 11:15 AM - 1:00 PM CDT Location: SHERATON BROOKHOLLOW at 290/610 3000 North Loop West HOUSTON TX 77092 Summary: Because of the increased demand for PetroTechs during the current oil boom and because of the low supply of such workers between the ages of 20 and 45, there has been a recent thrust to fill the PetroTech pipeline by providing more training, particularly in the Houston …

Chairman''s Corner September 2007

I am honored and humbled to serve you as the SPE Gulf Coast Section chairman for the 2007–08 program year. I plan to use this column to continue bringing you news and information to stimulate your interest in and increase your understanding of what is a large, diverse, and dynamic Section. Our Section kickoff meeting was held in late August, and by now most committee budgets have been submitted, reviewed, and approved. The Section calendar is getting full so please take the time to scan the many opportunities for attending a study group meeting or course on one of the variety of technical, business, or career topics. One of my avocations is off-road dirtbike racing. Not the big-air of motocross but the down-to-earth fun of trees, rocks, roots, mud, and ruts. Incidentally, avocation (I have recently learned) is a term …

Then and Now - September 2007

September 1957 Washington becomes the 32nd oil-producing state with its first commercial oil producer, the Medina #1 in Grays Harbor County on the Pacific coastline. $ Prognosticators predict that one day in the 21st century, every major city in the U.S. will have a petroleum products pipeline system bringing petroleum products to its terminal from a main products artery or refining center. $ What’s the latest shiny gas-guzzler to appear in the new-car showrooms? The answer is the Edsel. OK…How

SPE GCS Outstanding Section for 2007

Congratulations! For the ninth year in a row, the Gulf Coast Section was selected to receive the SPE President’s Award for Section Excellence. This prestigious award recognizes SPE sections whose efforts in member programs, technology dissemination, cooperation with other civic and professional organizations are exceptional and much more. The award will be presented at the President’s Luncheon that will be held at the Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) on Wednesday, 14 November

Gulf Coast Section Awards Banquet Slide Show

Thank you to all who attended our Gulf Coast Section Awards Banquet in June at the beautiful Rice Hotel in downtown Houston.  The evening’s events included the SPE - Gulf Coast Section Scholarship and Houston SPE Auxiliary winners. High school seniors from around the area received their scholarships to various engineering colleges. Our Scholarship Renewal students were also on hand to accept their renewed Scholarships. Winners of the Science Engineering Fair of Houston were on hand with their winning submissions. SPE GCS also recognized the Legion of Honor recipients. Our Legion of Honor winners are members who have 50 years of SPE membership. Also on hand were our Emerging Leader Program members. These members, who have less than 10 years membership, have been identified as future leaders for SPE. SPE GCS also thanked their Section and Regional volunteers for all …

SPE Honors and Awards

SPE Honors and Awards SPE honors and awards recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the industry, the engineering profession, or to SPE. We’re pleased to announce that Gulf Coast Section members will be well

June 2007 Newsletter

Saudi Aramco The Saudi Aramco Online Employment System welcomes you and wishes you all the best in applying for a position. You can learn more about Our Business and Our Community by visiting these links. Visit Jobs & Careers Help Improve the Industry’s Decision Making Eric Bickel (Texas A&M University), Reidar Bratvold (University of Stavanger), and Ron Howard (Stanford University) are researching uncertainty quantification techniques and decision making processes in the oil and gas industry. They have developed a short survey to aid their understanding of these issues. The intent is to use the results of the survey to recommend changes that will improve decision making in the industry. The results will be presented at the 2007 ATCE and published in the “Decision-Making in the Oil and Gas Industry—From Blissful Ignorance to Uncertainty Induced Confusion” (SPE Paper 109610). The survey …

May 2007 Newsletter

Crowley Maritime Corporation Providing solutions to energy exploration and production challenges with ocean towing and transportation, upstream logistics, shorebase services, marine engineering, offshore construction support, ESQA and more. Visit www.crowley.com Calendar Events for April 2007 Offshore Technology Conference 07Sponsor: GCS Board of DirectorsDay: Mon 30-Apr-07 7:30 AM - Thu 3-May-07 1:45 PM CDTLocation: Reliant Center One Reliant Center Houston Texas 77054 USA Summary: The 2007 Offshore Technology Conference, OTC .07, will be held 30 April to 3 May at Reliant Center in Houston, Texas, USA. Founded in 1969, OTC is the world’s foremost event for the development of offshore resources in the fields of drilling, exploration, production and environmental protection. Attendance at...Google Maps | Add to CalendarELP Community Service EventSponsor: Emerging Leaders ProgramDay:Sat 5-May-07 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM CDT Location: Palace Lanes 4191 Bellaire Blvd Houston Texas 77025 Summary: …

The Future of Yukos and the Russian Oil Business

The SPE Gulf Coast Section is pleased to announce our first Video Podcast meeting. The dinner occurred on April 25th and was hosted jointly with the Houston World Affairs Council. The topic was so popular that it sold out within days of being announced, making it an ideal choice for our first Podcast. We hope you find the information valuable and look forward to leveraging this communication tool in the future.

Industry works together to solve 2007 Faculty Shortage

Summary:          Petroleum Engineering (PE) departments in the US are facing significant challenges.  On April 13, 2007, the SPE sponsored a workshop of PE department chairmen and industry representatives to address the issues.  This report details the deliberations and the actions being taken. Statement of Problem:          The industry is facing the celebrated coming of the Big Crew Change.  Addressing this takes on many facets that have been addressed most recently in panel discussions at the SPE/IADC meeting in Amsterdam in February, and at the IADE meeting in Houston in April, 2007.  This workshop concentrated simply on the issues facing educators in the Petroleum Engineering departments, which are important feeds to the Oil and Gas industry talent pool.  These PE departments are dealing with the following critical issues: Nationwide, at the 19 PE departments, there currently are 42 vacancies in the faculty …