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SPE-GCS October e-Newsletter 2010

View this newsletter in your browser: http://www.spegcs.org/en/articles/view.asp?articleid=1055   SPE-GCS e-Newsletter Sponsored by: GATE LLC Systems Engineering Approach providing Deepwater Expertise and Consulting in Flow Assurance, Chemical Systems Eng., Materials & Corrosion, Waterflood, Final Commissioning & Startup, Reservoir & Production Eng. www.gatellc.com Calendar Events for October 2010 PF&C: Technology Showcase Sponsor: Study Group - Projects, Facilities and Construction Speaker's Name: Various Day: Tuesday 12-Oct-10 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM Location: The Norris Conference Center, 803 Town & Country Lane, Houston TX 77024 USA Summary: Topside oil and gas production facilities have developed for over half a century as production first moved offshore on fixed platforms with pipelines to today’s floating structures with subsea... Register | Google Maps | Add to Calendar Environmental, Health and Safety Regulatory Initiatives Impacting the Oil and Gas Industry Sponsor: Study Group - Northside Speaker's Name: Geoffrey …

Chairman's Corner October 2010

Every member of the SPE Gulf Coast section is privileged this year to honor and celebrate the section’s 75th anniversary. Plans are underway to celebrate this momentous occasion at Minute Maid Park on Saturday, November 6th. This is a tribute to thousands of section members who came before us. Through the years of their dedicated service, they built programs and educational venues for the growth of our section, the largest SPE section in the world. This service has been noble and honorable because it helped provide the foundation for making America the great country it is today. By helping to provide the framework to share world-class technology over time within our section, we helped make our city the energy hub of America and the world. Each of us participates in the process of supplying energy to meet our country’s needs, …

Then and Now - October 2010

October 1950 While trenching for a pipeline near Sidon in Lebanon, the pipeline crew uncovered the floor of a 6th century Greek Orthodox church. True to the industry’s commitment to ecology and historicity, the crew suspended operations until the Lebanese Ministry of Antiquities could come and unearth the delicate mosaic tiles and relay them in the National Museum. $ Patterned after the very successful “mother chapter” in New Orleans, Houston organizes its own chapter of the Desk and Derrick club with ambitious plans to sponsor field trips, lectures and study courses. $ An excerpt from a paper in Japan reports that an oil well will soon be drilled in Chiba Perfecture in an area that heretofore only produced dry gas. The catch is that the well location was chosen not based on geology or geophysics but on a spinning-string doodlebug. …

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SPE-GCS September e-Newsletter 2010

  SPE-GCS e-Newsletter Sponsored by: Hexion Are Your Fracturing Proppants Performing Effectively? Visit us at the SPE ATCE in Florence and attend our presentation of SPE 135502 on proppant selection in shale reservoirs. You will gain practical information from recent field studies and laboratory testing to improve well production. For more information, visit waterfrac.com or hexion.com/oilfield. Calendar Events for September 2010 Geosteering in US Shale Plays - Methods and Issues Discovered in a Multi-Disciplinary Approach Sponsor: Study Group - Drilling Speaker's Name: Gerry Drake, Project Geological Advisor - Anadarko Day: Wednesday 8-Sep-10 11:30 AM Location: Greenspoint Club 16925 Northchase Drive Houston, TX 77060 Summary: Horizontal drillling has become common practice in today’s unconventional fracture and shale plays. Advances in drill bit technology, measurement while drilling, and geosteering have allowed... Register | Google Maps | Add to Calendar Should You Trust …

Chairman's Corner September 2010

How does Servitude Leadership relate to teamwork? It does not take much effort to identify great teams around us, whether in sports or in business. What is interesting is noting how quickly these teams can change from great to mediocre and vice versa. I believe that a part of this change is due to the willingness of members to humble themselves for the good of the whole. A favorite quote of mine that personifies this message is by Edward Everett Hale who said, “I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.” Your Gulf Coast Section is a great example of teamwork. Hundreds of volunteers work tirelessly, most often on their own …

Then and Now - September 2010

Sept 1950 It is possible for oil interests and ecological interests to coexist, as witnessed by a recent compromise between West Coast oil interests, the U.S. Forest Service, the Interior Department, and the Audubon Society. Under an agreement that was reached between these groups, drilling in the Los Padres National Forest in Ventura County, California, home of the 60 remaining California condors, could proceed as long as those operations were conducted relatively quietly and at least half a mile from the nearest condor nest. (See … it can be done!) $ Add polar exploration to the list of sciences benefitting from the oil industry and its wondrous equipment. The American Geographical Society has chosen an Eastman Oil Well Survey Co. instrument to measure the drift of the Juneau ice cap in Alaska. East Texas crude oil - $2.65/bbl Sept 1970 …