The membership committee is proud to announce the selection of the following 16 individuals, who were selected from a group of very strong candidates.

Young Professionals constitute 20% of the Gulf Coast Section, making the actions of the upcoming board more important than ever.

  • Amber Abel, ExxonMobil Production
  • Chris Belcher, Baker Hughes
  • Christopher Buterbaugh, Chevron
  • Ryan Ezell, Halliburton
  • Bukola Fagbemi, BP
  • Sean Fitzgerald, Shell
  • Evan Graybill, Chevron
  • Craig Lacy, ExxonMobil Production
  • Brandon Lauderdale, GrantPrideco
  • Valerie Martone, BHP Billiton
  • Suzanne Murphy, Chevron
  • Sue Park, Chevron
  • Kristal Pena, Oxy Permian Ltd.
  • Anupam Tagore, AMEC
  • Slavko Tosic, Noble Energy Inc.
  • Omar Ullah, El Paso Corp.