The SPE Gulf Coast Section board of directors approved the following slate of officers and directors as nominations for 2008–09 at the December board meeting. According to SPE GCS bylaws (see Governance under About SPE GCS on, this slate will stand as elected unless an alternative candidate is put forth by February 15. If a petition for an alternative candidate is signed by 100 active SPE GCS members, an election will be held at a meeting in May with at least 50 active SPE GCS members present. Other 2008–09 open board positions will be appointed by the incoming section chair.

The slate was recommended by the Nominating Committee which received guidance from the Succession Planning Committee.

Nominating Committee

Roger Hite, Immediate Past Chair
Jane Moring, Secretary
Mark Peavy, Vice Treasurer
Claude Thorp, Membership

Succession Planning Committee

Roger Hite, Immediate Past Chair
Allen Shook ,Current Chair
Susan Howes, Regional Director
Mark Peavy, Vice Treasurer
Larry Foster, Director
David Flores, At-Large

2008–09 Incoming Board Members

Vice Chair
Jane Moring, ExxonMobil
Jane Moring is currently reservoir lead mentoring coordinator for ExxonMobil Corp.’s U.S. Production Organization. She joined Exxon Co. USA in 1991 in New Orleans where she held assignments in both joint interest and reservoir engineering. Before joining the company she worked 6 years with Getty Oil Co. as an operations/production engineer in east Texas. Moring holds BS and MS degrees in petroleum engineering from Mississippi State University. She has held numerous positions in the SPE Delta Section in New Orleans, including chair in 1998–99. She is currently secretary of the Gulf Coast Section.

Hiep Vu, Shell International E&P
Hiep Vu is a staff production engineer for Shell International E&P. As a member of the EPT Subsea and Pipelines Organization, his responsibilities include front-end engineering, detailed design, material selection, and on-site execution of completion operations for subsea wells in the Gulf of Mexico. A member of SPE since entering college in 1991, Vu is currently the treasurer for the SPE GCS. He has been active in the Section with roles as the Emerging Leaders Program chair, directorat-large, Executive Committee member, Audit Committee member, Nomination and Succession Planning Committee member, director of Educational Sponsors for the Golf Committee, and member of the Ad-Hoc Education Committee. He has been involved with SPE’s local high school recruiting efforts and collegiate initiatives. A recipient of the SPE Amarillo Petroleum Section scholarship, Vu earned a BS degree in petroleum engineering from Texas Tech University in 1995.

Vice Treasurer
Jim Montagna, Baker Hughes
Jim Motagna has 24 years of experience in the energy industry, with 17 years focused on sand control systems. He has held various technical and managerial positions with Baker Hughes Inc. and BP plc. Montagna has written several SPE papers and other technical publications, served as instructor for several Expandable Technology forums, and worked as discussion leader for SPE/IADC roundtable sessions. He currently serves on the SPE GCS board of directors. Montagna earned a BS degree in mechanical engineering from Oakland University, specializing in fluid dynamics.

Melissa Cummins Blanscet, BHP Billiton Petroleum Melissa Cummins Blanscet works as a project director on the Angostura gas project in Trinidad and Tobago for BHP Billiton Petroleum. She previously worked for 12 years for Mobil E&P as a project manager for Gulf of Mexico projects. She has experience with Exxon Co. USA, Freeport McMoRan, and El Paso Production Co. in facility engineering and project management roles. She is active in the Society of Petroleum Engineers and serves on the SPE Project, Facilities and Construction Advisory Committee. She chaired the SPE GCS Project, Facilities, and Construction Study Group in 2006–07 and chaired the Dallas Section Project, Facilities, and Construction Study Group in 1998 and 1999. She is a registered professional engineer Louisiana and has a BS degree in civil engineering from Vanderbilt University.

David Flores, Superior Energy
David Flores is a completion engineer working for Superior Energy’s Engineering Project Management Group in the Gulf of Mexico. He has 19 years of experience in engineering, management, and consulting in the petroleum industry, with extensive experience in well completions, sand control, and production operations. Flores has completed projects in North and South American, the Gulf of Mexico, Asia, and the Middle East. He has written numerous engineering publications for the SPE and American Association of Drilling Engineers. In 1988, he earned an MS degree in petroleum engineering from Texas A&M University. He is a past-chair of the Gulf Coast Section’s Completions and Production Study Group.

Stuart Scott, Texas A&M University
Stuart Scott is an associate professor at Texas A&M University, and his research interests include multiphase production systems and equipment, well performance and completions, and reservoir engineering. Before joining Texas A&M University in 1998, he spent two years as an associate professor at Louisiana State University. Scott began his career in 1987 with Phillips Petroleum Co. Just this past year he won the SPE Distinguished Member Award, given in recognition of “members who have attained eminence in the petroleum industry or the academic community or who have made unusually significant contributions to SPE.”