Water and Waste Management

Disseminate information to the industry and be a resource for safe and best practices.

Group focused on the resources and practices of Drilling and Production Water & Waste Management. Quarterly meetings and speakers at events for the industry.

Position Name Phone
Chair Barbara Denson 713.985.6764
Chair Kelly Steinberg (713) 204-7162
Vice Chair Kelly Steinberg 713.204.7162
Vice Chair Jack Haynie 832.244.8934
Treasurer Jack Haynie 832.244.8934
Vice Treasurer Ketan Maroo 713.953.4891
Secretary Kelly Steinberg 713.204.7162
Secretary Kelly Steinberg
Arrangements Reshmy Mohanan 713.344.4094
Arrangements Mo Hossain 832.672.7290
Program Coordinator Ketan Maroo 713.953.4891
Program Coordinator Ketan Maroo
Website/Webinar Kelly Steinberg 713.961.8500
Website/Webinar Nicholas Kuzmyak 832.672.7290
Publicity Reshmy Mohanan 713.344.4094
Publicity Kelly Steinberg 713.344.4094
Membership Kelly Steinberg 713.204.7162
Membership Reshmy Mohanan 832.221.1913
Registration Nicholas Kuzmyak 713.204.7162
Registration Steve Monroe 9366970032