Resume_Sneha Mittal


Institution: Infosys Ltd.
Duration: 1 Year
Job Title: System Engineer
Description: As a System Engineer, I was given a detailed knowledge of Python and Java. I needed to
develop the Java application in accordance with the requirements given. I also handled detailed technical design, development, testing, implementation and maintenance activities.

Institution: Reliance India Limited, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Duration: 8 weeks
Program Title: Pressure Transient Analysis in Oil and Gas wells
Description: Basic study of Pressure Transient Analysis. A case study was used as a tool for the real timeanalysis of this project using Ecrin software. Pressure and flow rate data were interpreted. Different reservoir and well parameters were calculated using model matching.

Institution: Essar Oil Ltd. Durgapur-Raniganj Asset Duration: 5 weeks
Program Title: Comparison of Clear Fracturing fluid and Guar based fluid
Description: This internship at Essar oil ltd. provided me an insight of Coal Bed Methane especially Hydraulic Fracturing. In this project comparison between different fracturing fluid was done based on efficiency, cost and other different parameters.

Institution: Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, Mehsana Asset, Gujarat
Duration: 3 weeks
Program Title: Overview of Field Operations
Description: The program gave an overview of all the aspects of Upstream industry like logging, drilling, EOR, tool yard section, artificial lift, gas compressor plant, CTF, GGS, and ETP plant.

Awards and Certifications

Became a “High Performer” in Infosys Java Training.
Secured second prize in "Schlumberger Case Study" in UPES SPE Fest.
My model won first prize in IOGCEE- the exhibition in UPES SPE FEST.
My model also won first prize in a model competition organised by National Research Development Corporation of India.
Written a research paper on "Underground Coal Gasification for Enhanced Oil Recovery in Santhal Field of Cambay Basin".
Paper selected for "International Conference of Mechanical Engineers: Emerging Trends for Sustainability",Manipal,Bhopal


Drilling Engineering
Reservoir Engineering
Well Testing
Hydraulic Fracturing
Coal Bed Methane
Underground Coal Classification
In situ Combustion
Production Engineering
Ecrin Software
Heavy Oil
Hard Worker
Quick Learner


Degree: in Applied Petroleum Engineering with specialization in Upstream.
University: University of Petroleum and Energy Studies,Dehardun
C.G.P.A: 3.14/4

Degree: Class XII
Institution: D.A.V Public School, Rupnarayanpur
Percentage: 94.5%

Degree:Class X
Institution: D.A.V Public School,Rupnarayanpur

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