Sarthak Katyal - MSc. (Petroleum and Natural Gas) , BSc. (Mechanical Engineering)


In the journey of attaining M.Sc. in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering from Texas A&M University Kingsville, Texas, I have built solid foundation in the tools and processes involved in the successful exploration, analysis and management of oil and natural gas. During the courses, I was also taught to always provide reliable, prompt and courteous service to any company I join in this industry.

Currently I am working on the Petrophysical evaluation of Shaly Sands through interpretation of wireline logs as my graduate project. Part of my work is to understand and generate well logs from the LAS files provided by the geology department and hence calculate for water saturation in the possible shaly sand zones.

I am one of the 3 seeders of AADE –TAMUK Student Chapter (American Association of Drilling Engineers) which aims at encouraging students to develop their technical and communication skills so as to help them acquire a good position in the industry. We invite guest speakers to come and tell us more about how as students we can groom and develop ourselves hence prepare for the industry. As a founder for the AADE-TAMUK Student Chapter, I’m valued as an innate communicator with leadership recognition in bringing together diverse departments to develop a cohesive program in the university.

During my recent internship, I was responsible for handling the communication between client and the teams in various responsible departments. Ethically I had a good experience in maintaining professional relationships with senior engineers and project supervisors in the company. My direct efforts led to a smooth functioning, and I believe that those skills can be directly applied to your open position.

I have enjoyed a progressive engineering internship with Bechtel and participated in the communication and project management by completion in reviewing the P&ID’s and standards (ASME) from the sub-contractor for the Wastewater Treatment Plant for an Oil & Gas Project based out of Pennsylvania, Unites States. I am trained to work with the internal operations and maintenance staff, clients, inspection and construction contractors to ensure successful project completion. My roles also included ensuring the consistency by providing project status updates, keeping managers and clients informed and ensuring that the work was in compliance with the local and international regulations in the areas of environment, health and safety. During this I was also given good opportunity to build rapport with overseas colleagues of USA in India for project milestones. At Bechtel, I was appreciated for my work quality, efforts and commitment to achieve company goals.  

 In the past, I have worked with Mann Hummel as a Project Engineer – Fuel Filters Automotive Aftermarket. I worked on the design, development and testing of various fuel filter elements for both prototype and benchmarked filters on different fuel blends which are currently used worldwide. Communication was again a key part of my job, to update and present to the counterparts in Germany and America about the progress of concurrent projects.

I have also worked on the generation of Biodiesel from used vegetable oil at domestic level. The biodiesel was tested for its flash point, fire point and also its efficiency and performance characteristics on an IC engine. Additionally, feasibility studies were done to know what all changes would be required on an existing IC engine to make it mechanically stable and efficient with biodiesel blends.

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how my qualifications and entry level exposure will be beneficial to your organization’s success.

Houston, Texas

Graduate Engineering Intern June 2016 – August 2016
• Reviewed and ensured compliance with company standards, federal and local regulations for engineering of the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) for Shell Franklin Project, Pennsylvania, USA.
• Applied principles of treating waste water resulting from a fully integrated gas to chemical polyethylene plant.
• Evaluated engineering designs and equipment selections to ensure consistency with project requirements.
• Performed cost calculations, prepared quotes and process sales orders; reviewed P&ID’s.
• Provided reliable, prompt and courteous service to Bechtel’s customers.
• Collaborated with the management and engineering teams based in USA and India for project milestones.

Project Engineer-Fuel Filter August 2013-December 2014
• Managed project and mentored teams working on various fuel filter elements for different fuel blends being currently used worldwide and tested application specific configurations.
• Scheduled lab tests for new prototype filters; analyzed results and created reports for product development teams.
• Reviewed client purchase order and assisted lead engineer and project manager for new product orientations, design staff on new designs; project status and milestone meetings.
• Provided technical sales and tendering support to customers in completion design enquiries and maintained confidentiality in all aspects of the information.
• Facilitated communication and managed expectations between the clients, sales team and engineering teams based in Germany, America and India.
• Isolated and solved complex problems related to the performance and engineering of filters.
• Ensured and promoted strong safety culture on project, lab testing and other functional teams at the workplace.


- Strong interpersonal and communication skills. Dependable Team player.
- Exceptional methodical, process oriented, analytical and time management skills.
- Proficient in various computer software including MS Office, MS Project, Auto Cad, Solid Edge and HYSYS.
- Historian, Engineering Student Council (ESC) at Texas A&M University, Kingsville, 2015-2016
- Founding member, AADE-TAMUK Chapter, 2015-Present


Texas A&M University Kingsville, TX Graduation: May 2017
Master of Science – Petroleum &Natural Gas Engineering; GPA: 3.2;

R.V. College of Engineering, India
Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering; GPA: 3.0 June 2013

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