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 March 15, 2017


 Dear Hiring Manager and Talent Acquisition:


 I am interested in a Petroleum Engineering and/or Leadership position. A summary of my qualifications are given below while detail can be found in attached resume.


  • International petroleum engineer including reservoir, business development (A&D), exploration, production, completion and operations.
    • Reservoir Engineering - 20 years offshore/onshore oil & gas fields (Shell, BP and BEG).
    • Production & Operations - 7 years Production, completion and field operations.
  • Led integrated teams for development projects ($250M) and reservoir engineering support to ($1.5B) projects developing 100+MBOE reserves and adding ~100Kboe/d new production.
  • Provided Technical expertise for evaluation of (20+ TCF) international properties targeted for acquisition from screening through bidding and offers. Generated well/reservoir performance, production forecast and EUR.
  • Integrated reservoir studies resulting in designing/updating field development plans and depletion strategies.
  • Reservoir Performance Studies. Production/EUR optimization through performance improvement and development well(s). Developing production forecast scenarios, asset surveillance and management plans.
  • Estimating, categorizing and booking reserves (SEC/PRMS), through assurance and audit process.
  • Focal point for business plan, budgeting. Identified assets for acquisition/divestiture (A&D).
  • Executed critical communications, including making presentations to management, decision executives and partners for projects update/approvals and communicating with regulatory authorities.
  • Master of Science (MS), Petroleum Engineering, University of Texas, Austin, TX
  • US Citizen


There are additional skills and accomplishment in my background that should be of interest to you. I look forward to discussing how my skills will benefit to your organization. Thank you for your consideration.




Muhammad Razi

Houston, TX

(832) 582-6123



Houston, TX


Field Development Plans l New Business Development (A&D) l Business Plan and Budgeting
Muhammad.mr.Razi@gmail.com Houston, TX +1 (832) 582-6123 linkedin.com/in/mrazi

International petroleum engineer including reservoir, new business development (A&D), exploration/exploitation, production, completion, and field operations of oil and gas fields (onshore/offshore, Shell & BP).

• Led ($250M) development projects and reservoir engineering support to (+$1.5B) projects developing 100+MBOE reserves and added ~100Kboe/d new production. Cost saving by utilizing efficient and cost effective alternate.
• New Business Development, evaluation of US/International assets (100+MBBL, 20+TCF) for acquisition.
• Led Field/Area Integrated Studies, Field Development Plans and Production and EUR optimization.
• Generated production forecast (scenarios), reserves estimation, maturation and reporting (SEC & PRMS).
• Expertise in Reservoir Characterization/Performance Studies, Reservoir and Integrated Production System Modeling.
• Focal point for business plan, budgeting. Project Economics and AFE recommendations.
• Expertise in quality review/assurance of projects/studies


Technology Coordinator – Global Deepwater 2013 – 2016

Served as technology focal point for translating technology development standards and application to global Deep Water portfolio. Tracking new technologies time line/cost for bench marking. Estimating enabled/enhanced volumes.

Provided technical expertise, from screening through offers, for evaluation of assets (20+TCF) targeted for acquisition - greenfield, brownfield and prospects (Trinidad & Tobago and Venezuela).
• Attended data rooms. Interaction within organization and sellers during the process.
• Designed development plans and depletion strategy with minimum capital exposure. Utilizing regional/corporate resources, generated production forecast and EUR. Identified/quantified risks/uncertainties and management plan.
• Prepared final recommendations and presentation to higher management/executives for key decisions.
• Evaluated Novel Well Design for developing hard rock/low mobility reservoirs optimizing production rates/EUR with fewer deep-water wells. Used real field as case studies (Stone and Vito).

Staff Reservoir Engineer – Development, Deepwater Gulf of Mexico 2007 – 2012
Led integrated team for GoM development projects ($250M, Habanero and Popeye). Reservoir engineering support to development projects (+$1B, Habanero, Mensa, Glider, Popeye and Tahoe) from Identification, evaluation through execution. Projects developed 100+MBOE reserves and added ~65Kboe/d new production. $30+M CAPEX saving by using floater for de-completing 4 wells (Habanero, Popeye and Glider), abandoning lower zones and preparing for S/T.
• Liaised with surface and subsurface engineers and geoscientists for identifying and evaluating development, production optimization opportunities, resulting in updated field development plans. Created/enforced project specific standards.
• Collects and processes information on reservoir, well(s), subsea system and surface facilities performance (WRFM). Integrated reservoir/production system modeling for optimized field performance. Estimating enhanced/incremental volumes supported by economic analysis and AFE recommendations. Identified and assessment of uncertainties/risks and mitigation plan. Constructed development scenarios and associated costs, meeting or beating UDC bench marking.
• Determined platform/subsea system economic life and designing options to extend platform/system life such as extending asset integrity life (Tahoe), developing secondary objective (Popeye, Bullwinkle, Cougar) and/or attracting 3rd party production handling (PHA at Bullwinkle and Cognac) delaying abandonment CAPEX, increasing EUR and profit.
• Technical review of integrated studies, development, production optimization and system life extension projects.
• Served as focal point for annual business plan for assets. Provided timely evaluation of properties and prospects targeted for acquisition (100+ mln BBL)/divesture, supporting business expansion and profitability.
• Executed critical communications, including making presentations to management, decision executives and partners for project approvals and communicating with regulatory authorities. Mentoring, coaching junior staff.

Senior Reservoir Engineer – Surveillance (10 assets), Deepwater GoM 2001 - 2007
Reservoir Surveillance 10 asset. Designed reservoir and wells surveillance/management plans. Monitored well/reservoir performance, identified production/EUR enhancement opportunities including improving reservoir/well performance and hydrocarbons development (new wells/behind pipe) adding values to asset. Monitor daily oil/gas production vs. business plan target. Provide solutions to production challenges.
• Provided development reservoir engineering support to development projects ($500M, Mensa, Cougar, Bullwinkle) in addition to core responsibility as surveillance engineer adding 45kboe/d new production.
• Conducted integrated reservoir/field/area studies. Updated dynamic/analytic models, history match and forecast.
• Constructed Reservoir-Integrated Production System Model from reservoir to surface facility. Using Design of Experiment (DOE) for sensitivity analysis, history match and production optimization.
• Conducted economic evaluation of development, production optimization projects, platform restoration (hurricane damages) and asset integrity for extending system design life and hence increasing profit on investment.
• Served as focal point for annual business plan for assets and delivered annual reserves reports.
• Communicated with regulatory authorities, ensuring project’s HSE compliance (license to operate enabler).

BAKER HUGHES – INTEQ, Lafayette, LA Field Engineer – MWD 2001

BRITISH PETROLEUM (BP), Pakistan Senior Staff Engineer - Petroleum 1996 – 1999
Evaluated and matured exploration, appraisal and development projects. Developed reservoir/field/area studies for designing development and reservoir management/ depletion plans. Estimated volume ranges and reserve potential, generating production forecast scenarios. Identified subsurface risk and uncertainties, assessed impact and designing management plan. Support studies with economic evaluation and AFE recommendation.
• Performed well, reservoir and field performance evaluation (using Material Balance, reservoir simulation and nodal analysis) and action for rates optimization and EUR enhancement by identifying and evaluating EOR (water flooding / injection) and IOR (artificial lift) opportunities and tracking performance.
• Provide operational support to field operations. Work with multi-disciplined team to meet annual production and financial goals. Provide solutions to production challenges.
• Maintained productive communication with foreign/national Joint Venture Partners and Regulatory authorities.
• Deputized/represented Exploitation Engineering Manager and served as mentor and coach to junior staff.

BUREAU OF ECONOMIC GEOLOGY (BEG) Research Assistant 1994 – 1996
Reservoir engineering support to field studies (USA, Venezuela, and Argentina).

PAKISTAN PETROLEUM LIMITED (PPL), Deputy Production Engineer 1985 – 1992
Conducted Production Engineering (1,000MMSCF/D). Responsibilities includes Production Engineering, Completion, facilities and field operations. Performed well and facility management, including 86 wells, 2 gas dehydration units, condensate separation/storage facilities, sales metering facilities, and 300+ miles of gas gathering systems.
• Supervised field production operation. Led wells/field surveillance process and periodic reviews with reservoir engineers and field personnel to identify/carry out performance improvement, production optimization and cost reduction opportunities on wells and field. Generate procedures, cost estimation and AFEs recommendations.
• Designed wells and facilities surveillance/management plans. Monitor daily oil/gas production vs. business plan target. Provide solutions to production challenges.
• Supervised wells related diagnostic activities including well surveys (BHP, PLT, PTS, caliper). Identified wellbore impairments and remedial action to restore/improve production potential. Designed procedures for wellbore intervention, stimulation, workovers/recompletions, cost estimates and AFEs recommendations.
• Provided production engineering support for new well/workover/recompletion design and operation. Executed 50 well completions. Installation/maintenance of well safety system.
• Worked with multi-discipline teams on greenfield development to design well completions, produced water disposal and facilities for processing. Recommended expansion/modifications/upgrade systems to accommodate new production. Conduct post audit reviews to enhance work process, system performance and cost reduction.

Garden Banks, Green Canyon, Main Pass, Mississippi Canyon, Ship Shoal, South Timbalier, Viosca Knoll, Walker Ridge

Boxer, Bud, Bullwinkle, Cognac, Conger, Cougar, Glider, Gyrfalcon, Habanero, Llano, Mensa, Perdido, Popeye, Ram Powell, Rocky, Ship Shoal, Stones, Tahoe, Vito

Trinidad & Tobago and Venezuela


• Integrated reservoir/field/area studies, Field Development Plans and Production/EUR enhancement opportunities.
• Evaluation of assets, from screening through offer, for acquisition and divestiture (A&D).
• Classic reservoir engineering - Decline Curve Analysis (DCA) and Volumetric
• Probabilistic and deterministic Reserves Estimation
• Modeling - Reservoir Simulation and Analytic Modelling, Experiment of Design and PETREL.
• Integrated Production System modeling (IPSM), Petroleum Experts Suite (PETEX) - Prosper, MBAL, GAP and Resolve
• Economic Evaluation
• Pressure Transient Analysis
• Commercial databases WoodMac and C&C.

• Reservoir Simulation, Analytic Modelling and Experiment of Design Modelling
• Integrated Production System modeling (IPSM) using Petroleum Experts (PETEX) Suite - Prosper, MBAL, GAP and Resolve
• Economic Evaluation PEEP, OGRE, PHDwin
• Pressure Transient Analysis (Saphir), OFM and PVTsim
• Experience of using Spotfire, PETREL, REVEAL, and commercial databases WoodMac and C&C.


Master of Science (MS), Petroleum Engineering, University of Texas, Austin, TX

Bachelor of Science (BS), Petroleum Engineering, University of Engineering & Technology

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