Nicole Wittmer Resume


Some folks think that because I am a girl I wish to move to the front of the job candidate line. That is not the case. With the last name of Wittmer, I am use to being in the back of the line. I went to a top notch engineering college. I worked at some top notch companies and worked hard to get to the front. Because of my job performance, I weathered cut backs and layoffs. So, I wish to be at the front of the candidate line because I have the best education, the best experience and the best references. During my career, I have worked some contract job to keep my nose to the grindstone during hard economic times.

I recently joined the Houston section of the society of women engineers and accepted the responsible of being the chairwomen for “INTRODUCE A GIRL TO ENGINEERING “Also this girl supports the Girl Scouts through the Society of Women Engineer (SWE) outreach programs. I also am involved with “Invent it, Built it” a SWE confidence building program for young girls. “WOW this is Engineering” a SWE career introduction for young girls, and “STEM for girls” a SWE engineering oriented tutoring and mentoring program.

Many of the hiring managers in this area shy away from engineering firm contractors because they are spoon fed with projects and do not have the initiative to think on their own. I have been broad painted with them undeservingly. 95% of my career I was a direct hire for petrochemical companies. The 5% of time the market was very tough. It was either contract work or welfare. Many times, I was inspired by a specific need and envisioned a project that would either increase productivity, better quality, or answer a lack of safety or reliability.

At my last job at Sunoco, I arranged with management to present monthly lunch and learns. They were webinars from the Society of Women Engineers that I am able to share. The subjects were technical, Work ethics, diversity and more. These were well liked.

Also I graduated from Drexel University College of Engineering. Drexel a private college and has a higher entrance requirement than the local state colleges. Drexel has a challenging curriculum. In addition to electrical engineering courses there is Chemistry, Modern Physics, Thermo Physics, Biology, Statics, Dynamics, Fluid mechanics, and Material Science. I found this course extremely important in my career as an Electrical instrument engineer. The advanced systems and control mathematics that I learned in my Drexel core tract are invaluable is the designing controls for the most complex situations. Also, since my tract was systems and controls, I took a graduate power class that was a review of the total power tract.    

Where do I want to be in five years? I wish to a top notch engineer at your company. I wish to be a go-to person, a trusted engineer, and a mentor and tutor to new engineers.

I am also of genetic girl of German and Nordic heritage allowing me to be taller with denser bones. I healthier and in good shape



25 years at Rohm & Haas
6 Years at Sunoco Refinety

Awards and Certifications

Bechtel safety award


Honeywell DCS design, installation, commissioning, configuration and Programming. Honeywell Experion Configuration Studio configuration, Control builder configuration, Station configuration, Quick Builder configuration. OPC transfer configuration. Point Build and Back Build configuration. HMIweb configuration. TDC3000 to C300 conversion
Rockwell PLC’s design, installation, commissioning, and configuration
Instrument specification, spec sheets and data sheets
Conduit and cable schedules and design.
Instrument loop design and documentation
SIS system design and documentation
Electrical and Instrument Design for hazardous locations
Motor controls
Logic and Interlock systems
Analyzer design, installation, commissioning, and configuration


BSEE Electrical Engineering at Drexel University

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