Operations Geologist


Responsible for exploratory well planning, execution and development for strategic multibillion dollar in-situ Barnett Shale plays in the oil & gas industry. Key focal point for internal and external stakeholders, including regulatory authorities. 

§  Responsible for monitoring, quality control and reporting all sub-surface geological activity at the rig site. Accurately disseminated the reports in accordance with accepted company standard formats and procedures; ensured the geological objectives of the well were achieved and documented the results of work. Prepared reports and displays; communicated all activities to the operations team.

§  Monitored daily rig and operations geology activities; routinely quality controlled real time data and incoming data (such as MWD logs, mud logs and wireline logs).

§  Interpreted and correlated well logs and integrated well data in order to successfully understand stratigraphic frameworks.

§  Supervised junior geologists, mud-loggers, LWD/MWD personnel and directional drillers. Provided real-time drilling support and recommendations for the drilling and geology team with respect to safe operating limits on drilling mud weight and rate of penetration (ROP) to ensure incident-free drilling operations. Actively participated in company networks to develop and implement best practices and standards in subsurface geology knowledge and activity.

§  Carried out an extensive review of prior geo-steering jobs for wells drilled in the Marcellus shale to enhance operational efficiencies.

§  Promoted to ‘Geologist II’ in August 2012 in recognition of outstanding contributions to the company.

Dallas-Fort-Worth, TX

I have an experience of 8 years working as operations geologist for EOG Resources. I have planned and geosteered over 250 wells for EOG in the Barnett Shale of North Texas. I also reviewed prior geosteering jobs in the Marcellus shale in order to enhance future geosteering jobs.


Geological well planning, Geological Mapping, 24/7 geosteering, seismic profiles, basic well logs interpretation, overseeing drilling operations, QC mud logs, wireline logs, MWD and cores,


Master of Science in Geology
Texas Christian University (Fort Worth, Texas)
Graduation year 2007
CGPA 3.47/4.00

Bachelor of Science in Geology
University of Asmara, Eritrea
Graduation Year 2000
CGPA 3.09/4.00

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