Petroleum Engineer- Software Product Manager



  • Project Manager with about four (4) years of experience in managing Software Solutions for Production Optimization
  • Over six (6) years of experience on providing technical support and consultancy services to worldwide clients on Production Optimization Software deployment, use, and application
  • About five (5) years of experience on Formation Evaluation (Wireline logging operations and log interpretation)
  • Over twelve (12) years of combined experience in the Oil & Gas industry
  • Key Expertise on Pressure Transient Analysis, Well Test Design, and Material Balance Reservoir Modelling
  • Fully knowledgeable in Petroleum Engineering, Production Optimization, Nodal Analysis, Integrated Production Forecasting, Surface Facilities Optimization and Well Modelling
  • Knowledge on PanSystem, PanMesh, MatBal, WellFlo, ReO, ReO Forecast, PVTFlex
  • Able to quickly acquire new technical skills and perform under stress
  • Bilingual Fluency (English/Spanish), Basic Level (Portuguese)
Houston, Texas

2012-2016 Product Line Manager, Weatherford International (Houston, Texas)

• Responsible for managing and growing the business opportunities and defining value proposition for the Well Test Analysis (PanSystem), Material Balance (Matbal), Integrated Production Forecasting (ReO Forecast) software product lines.
• Worked as Product Manager with the development team and stakeholders to define the functionally of above products in all phases of the software development process
• Supported the sales team by establishing pre-sales communication and in-depth technical presentations to potential clients
• Grew and maintained active business relationships with clients through phone calls, onsite visits and web demonstrations
• Provided technical training to worldwide customers, multiple consultants in Latin America and local personnel in the use and application of Production Optimization Software tools
• Performed professional demonstrations of the software products in different marketing events
• Served as subject matter expert (SME)/ senior consultant for projects involving Well Test Analysis and Material Balance reservoir modelling

2010-2012 Senior Product Line Engineer, Weatherford International (Houston, Texas)

• Provided Global Product Support & Consultancy Services in the areas of Well Test Analysis and Design, Well Modelling, Nodal Analysis, Material Balance, Surface Facilities Simulation and Optimization, Integrated Production Forecasting, PVT Simulation and Flow Assurance using various industry-recognized software applications
• Participated in Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) projects using PLATO software
o Feasibility of implementing fiber optics for detecting temperature changes and subsequent application of flow rates determination
• Trained clients worldwide on Advanced Well Testing using PanSystem and PanMesh software
• Adjunct consultant on production optimization projects

2004-2010 Wireline Senior Field Engineer, Schlumberger (Texas & Oklahoma)

• Delivered high quality logging services to clients at wellsites in different geographical areas within the U.S. safely and efficiently
• Maintained, prepared and calibrated assigned logging equipment
• Trained, supervised assigned personnel and assessed their performance
• Mentored peers for promotion preparation
• Worked effectively in a very diverse environment with personnel from different backgrounds, cultures, and third- party companies
• Managed handling of Hazardous (Radioactive and Explosives) Materials safely and properly
• Radiation Safety Officer in different locations
• Performed efficiently under very stressful and demanding environment conditions physically as well as mentally
• Trained overseas on Advanced logging tools (Egypt & Scotland)

2000-2001 Student Intern, University of Oklahoma (Norman, Oklahoma)

• Teamed up with a group of graduate students to create a Petrophysics database for major oil companies
• Ran and assisted on Petrophysics Laboratory procedures to analyze core sample properties
• Prepared and plugged unconsolidated cores for further petrophysical analysis
• Ran gamma core logging for well log comparison
• Analyzed seismic velocities on dry and saturated cores
• Calibrated equipment for measuring grain volume and density at high pressures
• Analyzed mineral composition by refractive methods (FTIR)


Pressure Transient Analysis (PTA)
Material Balance Simulation
Well Modeling (Nodal Analysis)
Wireline Operations
Logging Interpretation
Production Forecasting
Software Manager


2004 University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma
Bachelor of Science
Major: Petroleum Engineering

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