Proven oil & gas finding Geoscientist with 11 years experiences looking for opportunities


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Award winning, proven oil & gas Exploration & Development Geologist & Team Lead with 10+ years of professional experience working onshore and deepwater environments with domestic (S. Texas, E. Texas, EF Trend, N. Louisiana, & S. Louisiana) and international (Libya, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, & Cote D' Ivoire) experience in stratigraphic interpretation using well data, Sequence Stratigraphic interpretation using the integration of seismic & core data, mapping of faults using 2D & 3D seismic & log data, Seismic Attribute Analysis, recognition of pay, depositional environment interpretation from logs and core, well planning (exploration, appraisal, & development), geomodeling, farmouts, field optimization, onshore & deepwater operations, resource assessment, volumetrics, risking, and petrophysics


6+ years Exploration, Appraisal, & Development - Deepwater Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, & Equatorial Guinea
5 years onshore development, infill drilling, prospect maturation, and identification of re-completion candidates (Central Libya, N. Louisiana, S. Lousiana, E. Texas, S. Texas, & Central Texas)

Awards and Certifications

2016 - Excellent Individual Technical Performance
2015 - Excellent Individual Technical Performance
2010 - Outstanding Team Technical Performance
2009 - Outstanding Individual Technical Performance


3D and 2D seismic interpretation
Log correlation
Prospect generation & maturation
Prospect risking
Earth Modelling
Geologic Operations


2006 - PhD Geology - The University of Alabama
2005 - MSc Geology - The University of Alabama
2002 - MSc Geology - Bowling Green State University
2000 - BSc Geology - Louisiana State University

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