Dan Hurst -Senior Geologist


Multifaceted Senior Geologist

Create Integrated Development Plans | Increase Production | Enhance Reserves

Innovative geoscience professional with a Master of Science degree in Geology, known for applying in depth geological energy industry experience to create detailed geologic assessments, direct wellsite operations, and execute field development programs.  Proven results in compiling subsurface data, generating geologic interpretations, developing geoprognoses, working within interdisciplinary teams, supporting geoscience staff, and presenting development plans to senior leadership.   Dedicated self-starter known for rapidly learning  cross-functional roles, communicating proficiently with multi-disciplinary team members, and creating value by optimizing resource utilization, improving database quality, and delineating key reservoir parameters to maximize the economic extraction of hydrocarbons.


-   24 Hour Wellsite Operations  & Geosteering

-   Geologic Zonation & High Grading

-   Pilot, Core, & Horizontal Well Execution

-   Field Development Planning & Implementation

-   Geological Interpretation & Mapping

-   Spatial Data Interpretation and Analysis

-   Mentor Geo-steering Geologists & Interns

-   Monitor Offset Operator & Industry Activity

Professional Experience

MURPHY EXPLORATION AND PRODUCTION, Houston, TX                               JUN 2010 – APR 2016

Senior Geologist

Served as Primary Geologist on a multidisciplinary team for Murphy’s largest contiguous Eagle Ford acreage position.

  • Increased field production from 0 BOEPD to 15K BOEPD by proposing and drilling 8 pilot wells and 200 horizontal wells, improving average completed lateral length from 4000 feet to over 6500 feet, and reducing average drill times from 13 days to 7 days.
  • Proposed, planned, and continuously supplied an ever-green 6 month inventory of economically justified well locations including well prognoses, pad location planning, and determining horizontal landing targets for 2 developmental drilling rig lines.
  • Enhanced asset bookable reserves 25% by developing field specific Eagle Ford Zonation scheme to high grade development areas by collaborating with petrophysicist to develop net pay, OOIP, water saturation, porosity, and TOC maps for Eagle Ford intra-formational zones.
  • Efficiently provided 24-hour on-call geologic expertise and recommendations for two rigs by proactively monitoring development operations, providing geo-steering direction, and supervising on-site mudlogging and MWD/LWD operations.


    EL PASO EXPLORATION AND PRODUCTION, Houston, TX                              MAR 2008 – NOV 2009

    Geoscientist in a technical development program that covered various geological aspects of conventional petroleum exploration and production.

  • Identified and proposed 5 infill and 4 re-complete opportunities for development program that added an additional 5.0 BCFE of producible reserves to a legacy gulf coast production field by correlating 1500 well logs, updating project structure, isopachous, porosity, and production maps, and generating updated cross-section interpretations.
  • Saved $500K in drilling and completion costs per well and discontinued drilling by reviewing and integrating geological and 2-D and 3-D seismic workflows, testing economic viability of continuing South Texas drilling program to lowermost tertiary Lobo horizon.
  • Updated and improved regional 3-D depositional model for offshore Brazil well by creating 30 well specific 1-D hydrocarbon maturation geological models and designed a localized 3-D basin model for locating and characterizing mature source rock.
  • Enhanced economics for Gulf of Mexico production platform by locating and adding a 27 BCF seismic amplitude prospect for sidetrack well drilling inventory, and locating 2.5 BCF of bypassed pay for uplift compression gas.


    OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY, Stillwater, OK                                                 AUG 2004 – MAY 2007

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Instructed 4 intro geoscience labs for 4 semesters, assisted Solid Earth Geophysics and Seismic Interpretation laboratories for 2 semesters, and provided support with geological and geophysical field projects.

     DOMINION EXPLORATION AND PRODUCTION, Oklahoma City, OK                JUN 2006 – AUG 2006

    Geoscience Intern

    Conducted geological and resource assessment of Willow Creek West asset, a Uinta Basin, Utah production field.

     GREYSTONE ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES, INC., Oklahoma City, OK               JUN 2005 – AUG 2005

    Geoscience Intern

    Assisted and performed vapor and water monitoring well assessments of underground storage tanks by taking measurements, interacting with UST operators, and preparing site reports.

     Professional Development – Software



    Petroskills – Practical Seismic Interpretation; SCA – Applied Subsurface Mapping; Nautilus: Unconventional Petroleum Systems; Hampson-Russell / AVO Introduction, Rose & Associates – Multi-Method Risk Analysis, Risk and Uncertainty of Unconventional Resources

    Computer Software

    Petra, Boresight, Geo-Direct, SES, ArcGis, Landmark GeoGraphics, Openworks, Prizm, GESX Explorer, IHS Kingdom Suite, SeisWorks, GeoProbe 3D Modeling package, Zetaware-Trinity / Genesis 1D-Software, Microsoft Office Suite programs, ArcGIS, Lexco OWL Database, WellSite log viewer, PDS View,



    Master of Science (MS) – 2009 - Geology, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK

    Bachelor of Science (BS)2004 - Professional Geology, Arkansas Tech University, Russellville, AR



     American Association of Petroleum Geologists,

    Geologic Society of America

    Houston Geological Society

     Society of Petroleum Resource Economists

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