Abel Chacon, P.E.


A highly motivated Professional Petroleum Engineer (licensed in Texas, SPEC and Colombia) with over 15 years of comprehensive experience in the USA, in multi-site, multi-host, multi-cultural networked environments; last ten years, worked for British Petroleum as a Senior Reservoir Engineer in GoM Deepwater. Highly knowledgeable in all areas of reservoir engineering. An understanding and innovative individual who has an excellent sense of teamwork to get results by instilling commitment, trust, fairness, and loyalty.

Houston, Texas

BP AMERICA, Houston, Texas 2006-2016
Integrated oil and gas company.


Led the reserve process as well as the progression of discovered contingent resources and reserves for all the BP’s U.S. Gulf of Mexico (GoM) deepwater offshore assets from discovery to depletion (19 deepwater fields among exploration, appraisal and exploitation; BP operated and operated by others).

• Managed the delivery of discovered resource reporting (reserves and contingent resources) for the GoM Region in line with internal BP policy and guides (SEC compliant).
• Reviewed the reserve estimations to all the BP’s oil and gas fields in GoM.
• Reviewed the reserve estimations, contingent resource estimations and resource progressions for major projects in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico among them: Mad Dog Phase 2, Thunder Horse South Expansion, Thunder Horse Water Injection, Guadalupe, Tiber and Gila discoveries, Na Kika Phase 3, Mars B and Great White infill development and waterflooding expansion).
• Managed GoM Region reserve communications with local authorities (EIA, BOEM).
• Defended GoM Region reserve bookings during audit processes (BP Group Audit, Ernst and Young, Ryder Scott, NSAI and other internal and external audits).
• Worked with Control and Finance teams to insure that proved reserves are appropriately represented in DD&A forecasts and balances.
• Reported Due Diligence issues that may put reserves at risk of demotion.


Senior Reservoir Engineer Lead for several operated and non-operated assets in GoM (Na Kika Hub, East Anstey, Herschel, King, Marlin Hub, Holstein, Horn Mountain, and Great White fields).

• Reservoir Management for assigned fields with focus on key areas of uncertainty.
• Conducted reservoir and well surveillance making recommendations to improve production and value.
• Recommended and implemented data acquisition plans, changed/optimized reservoir and well operation envelopes, incorporated learnings into forecasting expectations of reservoir and well performances.
• Conducted well and reservoir performance surveillance (RTA, PTA and real time data well surveillance) with data acquisition from permanent downhole and other gauges.
• Recommended advanced well completions for horizontal and other deviated wells (producers and water injectors) for Herschel, King and Great White deepwater fields.
• Recommended and implemented well drawdown optimization techniques based on the BP’s proprietary “BP Flux” optimizer.
• Built and updated Integrated Production Models for Na Kika’s Herschel and Fourier fields, King and Great White fields using PETEX® Software (MBAL™, PROSPER™ and GAP™).
• Conducted Gp vs. P/Z material balance studies for normal and abnormally pressured [(1-C’P)P/Z vs. Gp] dry gas and gas condensate reservoirs (East Anstey and Fourier fields respectively).
• Interacted with petrophysicists, geologists and geophysicists for building the static multi-cell geomodels using RMS™ and Petrel™ for Herschel and King reservoirs.
• Built, QC, optimized and updated dynamic numerical reservoir simulations (full field and sector models; black oil and compositional using VIP™ and/or Nexus™) for East Anstey, Herschel, King and Great White reservoirs to facilitate business decisions, improve long-term recovery and maximize project’s value.
• Provided reservoir engineering expertise in multi-discipline teams to impact field development plans, operations and bases of design.
• Lead integrated field reviews for resource progressions and field development plans.
• Provided reservoir engineering input into drilling and well intervention proposals and programs.
• Progressed more than 100 mmboe gross resources into proved reserves.
• Delivered production forecasts and reserve estimates utilizing classic reservoir engineering models (volumetrics, decline curve analysis, material balance, PTA, RTA) and reservoir simulation.
• Participated in developing and delivering production budgets.
• Performed reservoir characterization studies using log and core analyses, Pressure Transient Interpretation (PTA using PIE™ and Saphire™), Rate Transient Analysis (RTA using Fekette® and Topaze™), PVT and SCAL.
• Maintained and updated the subsurface uncertainty and risk management plans (using BP’s proprietary TDRM™, Montecarlo simulation using Crystal Ball™ and Spotfire™ for data mining and generating interactive plots and charts).
• Participated and actively contributed during technical meetings with partners on non-operated assets to influence the operators to develop and operate the wells, fields and facilities on the best interest for the partnership.
• Prepared the Supplemental Development Operations Coordination Document (Supplemental DOCD) for the King South Project.
• Contributed to the reserve evaluations supporting the 20-billion-dollar BP trust fund set in place for the Macondo Oil Spill, which acted as collateral to the US Government for expense payments.
• Made technical and economic recommendations on major projects (Hershel-2, King South, and Great White infill drilling and water injection expansion).
• Mentored and gave on-site training to seven interns, four recent graduates and six less experienced reservoir engineers.
• Served as recruiter for recent graduates and interns, as well as conducting interviews at the University of Oklahoma, the University of Texas, Colorado School of Mines, Louisiana State University, BP’s Westlake Campus in Houston and several Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) Annual Conferences (2008-2016).

SHORELINE OPERATIONS DIRECTOR (Macondo Oil Spill Response), Louisiana, 2010

Served as BP representative, in charge of the near-shore and shoreline oil spill retention and cleaning operations in the Saint Mary Parish Staging Area.
• Supervised the deployment of more than 20 miles of boom for oil retention.
• Coordinated the oil retention and cleaning operations with the U.S. Coast Guard, the Louisiana’s Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, archeologists and the onsite biologist.

MULTIPHASE SOLUTIONS, Houston, Texas 2005 – 2005
A company part of the Wood Group Kenny, specialized in flow assurance and production allocation.

Senior Reservoir Engineer Consultant, 2005-2005
Provided consultancy on reservoir production, flow assurance, multiphase metering and production allocation.
• Delivered on time production allocation and forecasting at reservoir level using pressure and rate transient analyses (PTA in Saphire™ and RTA in Topaze™) for the Na Kika’s BP fields in the U.S. GoM (Hershel, Ariel, Fourier, Kepler and East Anstey).
• Provided production allocation and Virtual Pipeline Metering (VPM) model tuning for the ConocoPhillips’ Belanak field offshore in Indonesia.

KAPPA ENGINEERING, Houston, Texas 2005 – 2005
A petroleum engineering software company.
Sales and Technical Support Reservoir Engineer, 2005-2005

• Provided technical support on pressure transient and production analyses (Saphir™ and Topaze™) to several oil companies.

Graduate Research Assistant, 2001 - 2004
• Researched in pressure transient analysis on horizontal wells and naturally fractured reservoir material balance.


EMPREGAS S. A., Bogota, Colombia
Design Engineer (Petroleum Engineer), 1994 - 2000

Design Engineer (Petroleum Engineer), 1990 - 1994

CEMENTOS BOYACÁ S.A., Nobsa, Colombia

Petroleum Engineering Intern, 1989 – 1990

ECOPETROL, El Centro, Santander, Colombia
Petroleum Engineering Intern, drilling and completions, 1988

Awards and Certifications

• Professional Engineer Licensed in Texas (USA), P.E. license number 100576.
• Certified SPE Petroleum Professional (SPEC).
• Petroleum Engineer Licensed in Colombia (South America), license number: 00809 CPIP.
• BP DRM Certified Reserve Estimator.

• B.Sc. and M.Sc. Graduation with honors
• 2009 SPE Outstanding Technical Editor Award
• Volunteer: 2013 SPE – Current: PetroWiki™ moderator in the area of Reservoir Pressure and Temperature
• Volunteer: 2013 SPE – Current: SPE Certification Exam Writer
• Volunteer: Technical Editor for the SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering™ magazine
• Volunteer: Technical Peer Reviewer for the Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering™
• Volunteer: Pair Reviewer for the Science, Technology and Future™ magazine
• Volunteer: Former (2008) President of the Colombian OU Alumni Association
• Volunteer: Former 2004-2005 OU SPE Student Chapter President


• Deepwater Reservoir Engineering
• Reservoir Characterization
• Classical (Traditional) Reservoir Engineering (MBAL, DCA, PTA, RTA, nodal analysis, subsea flowlines and facilities modelling, etc.)
• Reservoir Simulation (Build, Update, QC, History Match and Forecast)
• Production Forecasting
• Risk and Uncertainty Studies
• Identification of EUR Enhancement Opportunities
• Waterflooding in GoM Deepwater Reservoirs
• Appraisal Planning
• Well Location Optimization
• Development Planning (Build, Optimization, Opportunity Identification and Maturation)
• Major Capital Projects Assessment and Valuation
• Reservoir Management
• Working in Operated by Other Asset Teams
• Influencing Operators and Partners to Operate on the Best Interest to the Partnership
• Reserve and Contingent Resource Estimation
• Resource Progression
• Internal Technical Assurance Reviews and Complete Documentation
• Technical Peer Reviewer
• Mentoring and on-Site Training


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Petroleum Engineering
The University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, USA, GPA 3.8/4.0

Master in Business Administration (M.B.A.)
Rice University, Houston, Texas, USA, GPA 3.8/4.0

Master of Science (M.S.), Petroleum Engineering
The University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, USA, GPA 4.0/4.0

Specialization Degree (equivalent to a M.S. in the USA), Geographic Information Systems
Universidad Distrital, Bogota, Colombia, GPA 4.0/4.0

Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Petroleum Engineering
Universidad de America, Bogota, Colombia, GPA 3.5/4.0

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