Gulf Coast Section Officers and Chairpersons


Position Name Phone
Chair Hiep Vu 281-544-3171
Vice Chair Stephen Baumgartner 713-296-3190
Secretary Rob Bruant 281-366-2157
Treasurer David Tumino 832-636-7230
Vice Treasurer John Medler 281-359-5445
Career Management Claude Thorp 713-956-0956
Communications Valierie Martone 832-453-0731
Education Reynaldo Saludares 832-636-4881
Community Services Xuan Vandeberg Harris 832-444-5143
Membership Jeanne Perdue 281-568-2723
Programs William Davis 713-839-2312
Technology Transfer Russ Neuschaefer 281-285-1775
YP Chair Andrea Hersey 832-421-1903
Section Administrator Kathy Maclennan 713-779-9595
Director Lucy King 713-369-9017
Director Jeff Whittaker 281-398-9355 ext. 296
Director Kim Tran 713-826-7492
Director Marise Mikulis 832-252-4459
Director Steve Turk 281-260-1976
Director Chris Reinsvold 713-299-5293



Study Group/Committee Name Phone
Board of Directors Hiep Vu 281-544-3171
Career Management David Flores 281-381-5828
Community Services Xuan VandeBerg Harris 832-444-5143
Continuing Education Melissa Myers  
Education Reynaldo Saludares 832-636-4881
ESP Workshop John Patterson 281-293-6727
Executive Committee Jane Moring 832-233-4917
GCS Treasury David Tumino 281-717-5123
Golf Robin Smith 713-403-5139
Magic Suitcase Sean O'Brien 281-546-9003
Membership Holly Camilli 713-656-3416
Newsletter Kartik Ramachandran 713-808-2306
Scholarship/Internship Deepak Gala 281-260-1407
Social Activities David Tumino 832-636-7230
SPE Auxiliary Paulette Williams 281-897-0493
Sporting Clays Timothy Riggs 713-201-4290
Technology Transfer Russ Neuschaefer 281-285-1775
Web Technology Subash Kannan 713-385-7242
Young Professionals Sandeep Pedam 713-591-5738
Business Development Chris Atherton 713-861-1866
Completions & Production Kevin Renfro  
Digital Energy Carol Piovesan 949-232-6353
Drilling Jack Colborn 713-346-7393
Drilling & Production Waste Management Charles Franklin 281-366-2921
General Meeting James Maffione 770-402-0320
International Chris Reinsvold  
Northside Naval Goel 650-307-7267
Permian Basin Dan Tobin 832-486-2924
Petro-Tech Study Group Erica Hudson 713-431-1133
Projects, Facilities, Construction William Kinney 281-249-2799
Reservoir Fady Chaban 713-496-5795
Safety & Environment Trey Shaffer 281-600-1016
Westside Alex McCoy